The Maternity Hospital Deal


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Just now.

A 25-page report on the terms of agreement between the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street and St Vincent’s Hospital Group – as written by mediator Kieran Mulvey – have been published by Health Minister Simon Harris.

It comes a week after the Irish Times reported that the Religious Sisters of Charity would be sole owners  of the new hospital.

Read the report on the terms of agreement in full here

More to follow.

50 thoughts on “The Maternity Hospital Deal

  1. Ollie

    That’s a report, not a contract. Wtf is going on that the actual contract wont be published?
    Why hand the keys of a hospital to an organisation that profited from slavery, in fact in a civilised country the Sisters of “Charity” would be stripped of all assets.

    1. martco

      I’m going to have a punt here and say that there isn’t one

      that way it can stay all vague and obtuse, nice and opaque, but that’s ok because the board will never talk about potentially sticky wickets, the Govt certainly won’t and even if you go for a FOI the bits you’d need to see will be redacted

      Ollie, please remember you are a peasant. Like me. And you don’t need to know why the hospital is to be given to the RCC in this underhanded way. Rest assured this is all being handled by better people than us. So its not your concern, move along now.

  2. Fgshill

    Bodger, me oul flower

    Been meaning to ask this for a while. Why do you post such enormous picture images in your posts? They make the page really clunky to load. And there’s no need for it except for the front page papers when it’s useful to read an article.

    Sort it ou’ …

  3. bisted

    …they still don’t seem to get the bit about handing over sole ownership to the nuns…ain’t gonna happen Harris…

    1. Devine

      He went to St David’s in Greystones which is not Jesuit school.

      On a side note I went to a Jesuit school and despise the likes of the Knights of Columbanus and Opus who are just lay catholic mafiosa

  4. Serv

    Oh the independent expert will keep the nuns out….oh wait….the independent expert is chosen by a committee made up of 2 st vincents ppl v 1 from nhm.

  5. Pat Harding

    The Pope’s Brass band have played pied piper and snagged the National Maternity Hospital away from the people of Ireland and into the evil clutches of Opus Dei: the enemy within.

    There are Catholics and then there are Papists whose first loyalty has always been to the Vatican which is a foreign state presided over nominally by the Bishop of Rome, but truly by a gang of pedophile protectors in the Opus Dei controlled Curia.

    1. Ronan

      At a guess, because Holles Street currently deals with 9,000 births a year almost all from the Dublin area and if you put the new NMH elsewhere you need to find additional capacity in Dublin for the ~7,000 of those ~9,000 mums to be who won’t want to travel to the new location. Moving it might make the land cheaper (and you still need to find an adult hospital to co-locate with) but it doesn’t solve the problem of the current hospital bursting at the seams.

    2. Happy Molloy

      I was shocked and appalled at how ugly and miserable the maternity hospitals in Dublin are, ’tis needed

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        The Coombe is a TOTAL poo-tip but I love it as the care was second to none. I had a FFA issue and they were superb.

        1. Happy Molloy

          Staff are lovely in the coombe! am friends with a midwife there too and she’s incredible

  6. Mary Jane

    @Pat. The Opus Daygos are an evil gang of inter-related families who control hospitals like Vincent’s and ensure only their minions get medical jobs there.

    We need a secular National Hospital in Dublin with no Opus Daygos on the board.

    1. Mary Jane

      If he is, he will lose a large segment of Protestant voters in Wicklow, a large number of whom would traditionally vote Fine Gael especially in his hometown of Greystones

  7. Louis Lefronde

    Ireland is still a developing country that seemingly allows Religious fanatics hold back progress. Until you smash the golden circle of greedy blood suckers that have self-promoted and enriched themselves at your expense, Ireland will be stuck in the 20th century.

    1. Mary Jane

      Well said Louis, they’re a gang of parasites with clusters of fellow travellers in the legal and medical professions.

      I would so love if Anonymous hacked their servers and published their membership list on Wikileaks, then the Irish people will see how this shower have infected our country like a sick virus.

  8. iloveyoutothepowerof22/22=1=0

    If only there was an emoji you could post that emoted your actual heartfelt feelings in real life, but like without actually getting up off your ass, without having to actually move…
    Surely the World would become better overnight, innit?
    -if we all just agreed to something or other… I dunno.

    You think of something. I thought of the starting point.
    It would be cool if you did something for World Peace too, like what I did just now.
    Save the planet.
    I dont have faith in the trust you put in me.

  9. iloveyoutothepowerof22/22=1=0

    Louis de’Fupp off…
    kieran d’fuppoff

    WTF is wrong with both of you?
    I cannot imagine what could EVER drive me to DARE comment about a culture or country I sneered at and undermined at every opportunity… from the outside.
    You know nothing. Get that into your tiny head. You dont live here… you know NOTHING.

    Would you pair of you ever get in touch with Richard Branson an fupp off to Mars, and the three of you NEVER come back?

    That would be cool, and it’s all about being cool, innit?

  10. Mary Jane

    Henry VIII had the right idea, nationalise the church, confiscate all their property (which our deluded forefathers paid for) and set the remaining nuns and priests up working in a laundry on the Navan Road cleaning the sheets from Mountjoy.

    Good enough for them!

    1. bisted

      …we don’t have a Henry V111 but we do have a Criminal Assets Bureau…but then you’d need someone untouchable in charge…

  11. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Can’t they just build the thing in RTE and be done with it?

    I’m with Patsy.

    The RTÉ campus may be a better site for the National Maternity Hospital

    a) Ready money for RTE’s big stars and unions
    b) Handy for reality TV show
    c) Ideal as Fair City set
    d) Miriam O’Callaghan will be delighted

    a) See “Advantages”
    b) They would name it “Saint Gabriel’s”.

  12. iloveyoutothepowerof22/22=1=0

    Sorry kieran KFC.
    YOU, in comparison, you seem totally reasonable sometim….arrggh….

    I cant say it.
    The other bloke is worse.
    You’re both dicks. He just appears older, cleverer than you. He’s an idiot, etc…

    It’s okay.
    He wouldn’t understand. I shouldn’t expect you to.

      1. relax@badatmemesvillas

        I was responding to comments that have since been deleted.
        It’s okay.

        I see it as a challenge.
        I give up*.
        ALL my comments will be different from now onwards.
        I would hate to think I upset some little petal who reads Broadsheet to the extent that she becomes a 14yr old grandmother, but you can’t say ‘fuck’, unless you were that other bloke yesterday. I can’t remember his name.

        But yeah.
        Shut up, or whatever I said.

        I can’t remember…and that’s why I love you

  13. Daisy Chainsaw

    You cannot trust the catholic church who use “mental reservation” nearly as often as breathing.
    You cannot trust a bunch of nuns who profiteered from slavery and human trafficking only a few decades ago.
    You cannot trust Fine Gael.

    1. relax@badatmemesvillas

      You cannot say something and also say nothing…

      oh, wait a minute…you just did…

  14. relax@badatmemesvillas

    @ lazybrainshow…
    [Nothing that wasn’t already in the public domain]

    nothing personal babe. I just think you think too much.

  15. martco

    so Dr Rhona just been on Morning Ireland

    in parts she came across as arrogant and petulant almost teenager level at one point

    didn’t answer the only question that matters for me just more of the same “but the agreement the agreement…trust us it’ll be grand” crapp. Trust?!?

    For me she doesn’t care of the consequences…just that she gets this over the line and maybe also that her name will end up on some plaque in the grand entrance hall.

    If this goes ahead I will protest this on the streets and I suspect I won’t be the only one.

    If we allow this to proceed knowing what we know then we deserve the Ireland we get.

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