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You may recall how, last Friday, Vera Twomey flew back to Dublin Airport from Barcelona, Spain, with THC-based cannabis oil for her seven-year-old daughter Ava who lives with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome and suffers multiple seizures a day.

Vera got the oil from a clinic in Barcelona with a prescription.

Customs officials confiscated the oil, which is illegal in Ireland, after Vera alerted the officials that she had the oil.

Earlier this afternoon, Vera and her husband Paul Barry, who live in Cork, spoke on Facebook Live explaining how they’ve been trying to get back the oil that was confiscated.

Paul said a person from the Department of Health eventually hung up on him.

Vera and Paul are now appealing for people to call, email or message Minister for Health Simon Harris at his constituency office and/or Dáil office and call on the State to return the confiscated oil.

There is also a petition calling on the State to do the same here

Vera Twomey (Facebook)


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16 thoughts on “‘Pick Up The Phone And Ring’

    1. anne

      Her post on facebook with Simon Harris’ number and email was removed by facebook.. she’s not sure why.

      They usually do that kinda thing after a complaint and err on the side of caution. I’d keep sticking it up if i were her..she’s doing nothing wrong.

      Imagine it, a public representative who doesn’t want to be contacted by the public. Surely not.

  1. Cian

    Jeez, I hope she brought a second bottle (that she didn’t declare) – to help the poor child.

    Hats off to her for pushing this issue.

  2. scottser

    just order the oil online and be done.
    i know the value of creating a fuss, but if it was my child i’d make damn sure she had her medicine by any means necessary before i started campaigning.

    1. Starina

      i would imagine either a) she has done that but also wanted to make a point or b) has a child and doesn’t want to be imprisoned or have her child taken away by social services because she’s buying illegal things

      1. postmanpat

        If she already ordered online then why waste time-money on a flight? cheap smokes? someone needs to sit down and have a talk with this woman. Is she really going to sacrifice her own child for the greater good/hubris ? pick your battles lady.

      2. scottser

        tusla wouldn’t even bother assessing this lady for risk to her child. it wouldn’t even get past the duty social workers.

  3. Jocky

    Stupid attention seeking. Its a controlled substance and the customs. gardai or politicians have to follow the law. Keep lobbying for a change but this is going to harm your campaign.

  4. anne

    This woman can’t win..she was told why not just go abroad and get the stuff, which she had a prescription for, comes back with it, declares it through customs and she’s held for hours and it’s confiscated from her.

    She shouldn’t have to resort to this for her child.

  5. Turgenev

    It’s all a bit weird. The reason cannabis is illegal is that people use it to get stoned, and the government doesn’t like that.

    But medical cannabis has the THC taken out, so you don’t get stoned. Illogical to prevent its import on prescription.

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