23 thoughts on “6.8% Of The Way Home

      1. Birneybau2

        And see Sean Spicer hanging in the White House briefing room?

        I wasn’t offended nor am I scared, was merely a comment on a cartoon.

  1. bisted

    …the Simpsons only predicting a 4 year term…maybe crooked Hillary will run again and give him 8 years…

    1. dav

      Democrats need to face up to the reality that Hillary was a very poor candidate. I heard and interview on Drivetime with someone from the DNC who was in Dublin last week and she would not accept that their choice of candidate was, in part, to blame with their defeat.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        [gloat] I was saying as far back as summer ’15 that he was going to be the GOP nominee and she would be his perfect opponent [/gloat] BUT, her detractors, the left wingers of the Glenn Greenwald variety *also* have to admit to themselves that the ‘they have nobody to blame but themselves’ narrative is quite flawed. Voter suppression and gerrymandering (also known as cheating) need to be looked at seeing as *she won the vote*. She might have been a ‘weak candidate’ but she won the most votes. Cheating is arguably the main thing that cost her.

        1. mauriac

          this point is so silly.the rules of the election were known in advance and Hillary campaigned in NY and California which delivered pointless extra votes(and lots of money) but neglected Wisconsin for example. If the rules were different Trump might have run differently.Its a total unknown.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            It’s absolutely not “silly” to point out most Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in the election.

        2. Harry Molloy

          I would have loved to have seen Hillary win (as opposed to that other fella) but I did agree with his point that you target what states you are most likely to win rather than the total national votes. That’s just how their electoral system is set up, rightly or wrongly.

          1. Murtles

            In a country with a population of 322 million, never ceases o amaze me the candidates for President never have someone that does not already have a tie to the white house (Bush son of Bush, Clinton wife of Clinton, Trump son of Abitch). Well that and millionaires with ties to big industry. Never mind crooked Hillary, the whole systems crooked.

          1. Nigel

            A black man earns some money and two stories that are not updates on Pizzagate, unless Pizzagate is now a synonym for every sordid and ugly sex scandal in US politics. Outstanding work. Really working the leads there. E-mails, though.

  2. 15p

    yea, it’s true .. the simpsons hasn’t been funny for years. even with such easy material as trump and co.

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