23 thoughts on “Fume It Concerns

    1. Sam

      Both of you are making an assumption by claimng to know it is one or the other.
      I’ve certainly heard the same argument from Irish Cement about their factory… although they do produce some rather black steam at times, so I’m less inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      At what stage are they introducing the water to make steam btw?

      1. edalicious

        Like almost every other power station ever, they use the heat from the incinerated waste to produce steam which turns a turbine to create electricity.

        1. medieval knievel

          plus, AFAIK it uses natural gas for secondary combustion – to heat the exhaust to a very high temp to ensure the waste is fully burned. natural gas produces steam when burnt. any gas fired central heating system can clearly be seen to produce steam vapour when running on a cold day.

        2. edalicious

          Actually, all burning hydrocarbons produce water vapour; gas, oil, coal, peat, the lot. Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen in, H2O and CO2 out.

  1. Rob_G

    “Driving home in my car that produces a poo-load of CO2, I was appalled at the idea of a chimney that might be doing something similar”.

    1. Sam

      So, the cyclists can complain then, but not the drivers?
      Are we surrendering to the mentality that if there’s anything else wrong with the world, we should do nothing about new problems?

      1. Rob_G

        No; just that it is a bit rich for someone driving around in their car to be complaining about noxious emissions.

  2. mauriac

    crazy place for a high capacity incinerator.think of the rubbish from Leinster and beyond being trucked through the city…
    the poolbeg site could easily have been a high density new quarter of Dublin right by sea .

  3. Chucky R. Law

    This incinerator will produce large quantities of dihydrogen monoxide, which kills many people every year, but the Environmental Protection Agency has set no limits on DHMO emissions from this facility. Wake up sheeple!

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