29 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Drumcondra

  1. newsjustin

    “Yeah, everyone who knows me would say I was a bit of a character. Always having the craic with people.”

    – proprietor

    1. John

      So are you going to select staff on the basis of looks rather than ability to do the job ?

  2. Nigel

    There’s a joke to be made here about it being next door to an optician’s I can’t quite see it.

    1. scottser

      there’s also a joke to be made about how long beautiful people are going to stay beautiful being around deep fried ice-cream all day long.

      1. Scoops4all

        there’s also a joke about how sh1t everyone is at thinking up jokes after the bank holiday

  3. Darragh

    I saw this a few weeks ago and thought ah a blatant attempt at causing anger online and getting free publicity. I hoped noone would actually fall for it, then I saw this. Jesus

  4. ivan

    Is this a stunt by that fella that owns the cafe/b&B who trolls people on social media all the time?

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    Your Sheik has never tasted such a delicacy. The Sheik lives in DNS, will give it a go. Kudos to the young business people prepared to have a go – even though us oldies are suspicious of “new fangled” enterprise!!

    1. Scoops4all

      Sheik your constant assertions of being aged makes me think that you are, in fact, not.

  6. Nullzero Nullzero

    I have a face like a melted welly but I am also an experienced ice cream server, should I apply for a position?

  7. Janet, I ate my avatar

    dust off the old gimp mask for the interview
    will also present nasty oil splash back

  8. Toe Up

    i just passed that place on the bus and was disappointed when the web address came up blank.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Ah, me ar** – that remark was for Nullzero – what is it with this crap?

  9. munkifisht

    Blatant attempt at free social media buzz, blatant but incredibly stupid and leaving them exposed to a pretty obvious discrimination lawsuit.

  10. Listrade

    I’d agree with the sentiment, but I don’t see where the obvious lawsuit is, under which of the 9 grounds for discrimination would there be a case?

  11. John

    Smacks of a dirty old man who owns a company looking for good looking girls to leer at. Hope his wages are good

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