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Businessman Denis O’Brien

RTÉ reports:

The High Court has ruled that businessman Denis O’Brien should pay all the costs of his failed action over statements made by two TDs in the Dáil about his banking affairs.

Mr O’Brien took his case against the Clerk of the Dáil and the State over comments made by Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy and Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty in the Dáil in 2015.

He wanted the court to reprimand the TDs and he claimed they had interfered with a court case he was taking against RTÉ.

…This morning, the judge [Ms Justice Úna Ní Raifeartaigh] ruled that the facts of the case were unusual and had some degree of novelty as well as being of some public importance.

…But she ruled there was “an insufficient degree of novelty” to cause her to depart from the normal rule where the losing party pays the costs of a case.

Denis O’Brien must pay High Court costs (RTE)

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13 thoughts on “Normal Rules Apply

  1. scottser

    the cynic in me is thinking that court costs like this can be offset against normal business liabilities. tax exempt, in other words.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Of course! Taxes are for little people, not for Maltese residents who own politicians.

  2. By Popular Demand, Frilly Keane

    and the weather is lovely too

    check those numbers lads
    we could be in for a hat-trick of luck

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    I think it might be incumbent on the reporters of these events to keep us informed as to whether any part of this bill is ever paid.

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