20 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Rob_G

    – dad jeans ✔
    – shiny black loafers ✔
    – white shirt ✔
    – blazer ✔

    (actually the blazer is ok; just not with the rest of the outfit)

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      He seems to be in the wrong gang too, his mates are like extras from Love / Hate

      Maybe he launders their money

    1. Serval

      I went once and it was depressing being around all the people addicted to gambling.

  2. edalicious

    I really hope that yer man in picture 2 was taking the piss and that was not a genuine attempt at tying a tie.

  3. Charlie

    ‘Go racing.Its a great day out’. No it’s not. Have you ever been through the misery of rain and cold at a racetrack?
    ‘A great day out for the family’. No it’s not. It’s hell! The kids might find a slide our bouncy castle that will entertain them for 20mins. They’ll then be bored out of their brain and they’ll wreck your head.
    ‘It’s fun’. No it isn’t! Where’s the fun is throwing away money to greedy bookies, freezing your nuts off and watching a bunch of drunks?

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