19 thoughts on “We’re Back Baby

  1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    That’s a bit of an assumption, for all you know he could be taking turns to pleasure all 6 of them orally.

    1. Doood

      I’m surprised your comment has lasted a full 4 minutes…..bit like the ladz whaa?

      1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

        Yeah –
        like the Boyzone auditions. :)

  2. scottser

    we are definitely back. has anyone else noticed the increase of bottles of urine littered about our motorways of late, a sure indicator of lads traveling long distances to get to work and no time to stop for a wizz?

    1. Joe cool

      How in God’s name do you actually notice this? Are you hunting for them or something

  3. superelectric

    It’s not Bray, it’s Limekiln Road in D12 and they’ve been digging the same holes for 3 weeks.

    1. theboogieman@sǝɯǝɯ

      Let’s hope they reach Australia and come back with a comment that makes sense.

      Say something or say nothing.
      That’s what I never say…
      This is not the internet, you dope…

      ..hang on….

  4. bisted

    …I was travelling south on monday…stopped at traffic lights and saw a Jay…first time in my life I’ve seen a Jay…still haven’t seen a bottle of wee yet…beautiful bird though…

  5. Smith

    I hate these posts. I’ll find a pic of 7 office workers doing nothing for the next one.

  6. Joe

    7 lads looking in a hole where the digger driver has just hit a service and trying to figure out who to blame. hint, not them.

  7. Increasing Displacement

    I remember they brought out a lorry and a JCB to clean out a drain that was full of leaves at the front of our house back in 2007. Did I mention there was 6 lads?

    There was 6 lads there too.

  8. Pedantic Pat

    Engineer? (with the overview), archaeologist maybe? (required by law), service provider? (maybe eircom engineer etc), contractor (with digger and human assistance)……..and probably none from the council. Shot by a layabout in a car……………………………..

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