The Maternity Hospital March



This Sunday.

From the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1 at 2pm.

Via Uplift:

A new National Maternity Hospital is urgently needed but cannot be allowed to be owned by the Sisters of Charity. Parents for Choice, Uplift, and National Women’s Council of Ireland and Justice for Magdalens are organising a national people powered march to send a message to Health Minister Simon Harris that he must urgently deal with this crisis and guarantee that the hospital will not be owned by a religious order.

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37 thoughts on “The Maternity Hospital March

  1. By Popular Demand, Frilly Keane

    busy weekend there lads

    stand with Jobstown is on as well

    1. AhHere

      A feminist/proto-anti-catholic fest. Don’t be fooled by the low quality machiavellianism.

      Mix with the Irish Water/Shinners/Socialist Workers and it’s sure to be a great day out!

      Please God the silly signage won’t confuse folks going about their business and the sun will beam down on all the lovely 3rd wave feminists with their blue hair, unshaven armpits, flabby pierced bodies and orbiting betas.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        You really are an ugly, friendless, angry person – aren’t you, dear? Otherwise it wouldn’t matter to you who marched about what. Hope you get the help you need.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Sorry, sorry, I know you’re not.

          Just reminded me of the great rants one of the nuns in school used to give. The aul biddy.

      2. Frilly Keane

        ‘Looking forward to it even more now
        Only sorry I didn’t delay my Bank Holiday waxing a few weeks

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    St. Vincent’s Hospital was founded in 1834 on St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, by Mother Mary Aikenhead, foundress of the Roman Catholic order Religious Sisters of Charity. The hospital was open to all who could afford its services, irrespective of their religious persuasion.[1] The Hospital then moved to its Elm Park Location in 1970. Not a whole lot has changed in 183 years, has it?

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      “Sisters of Charity. The hospital was open to all who could afford its services”

      So charitable.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Love of money is the root of all evil… And the Sisters of “Charity” love their money.

  3. martco

    I’ll be there!

    If you’re serious about changing this country for the better – disconnecting RCC from matters of the state…hospitals, schools, the works – do try to attend

    your Govt representatives only respond to public protest as their #1 priority is to secure your vote come GE time & 100,000 people on the street marching old school is what makes them sit up and pay attention not webbo petitions on yer mobile phone!

      1. Yep

        It’s the Sunday, Christy. You’re right though. Bodger needs a calendar and to be taught how to use it.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Martco my man, the Sheik will “stiffen the sinew and summon up the blood” despite failing health. I do this for those coming after me. Enough of this ‘poo’ (you know the word I want to use -Miss Daisy won’t allow). Time for the peasantry to take charge.

  4. martco

    So tell your friends and family if they don’t already know and ask them to come in!!

    1. memes

      Welcome to episode 2 of ‘GFY, the series.’

      In episode 1 we saw a petulant princess throw her toys out of the pram, and then the wheels fell off.
      In episode 2 we will see more wheels falling off, but with extra Witches.

      I wish I could assure you it’s only a mini-series. Sorry

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Martco, do you not read this website? people like the Sheik HAVE no friends or family, we are the “f***ing dregs”.

  5. memes

    Please don’t be Nuns.

    My heart would be so broken beyond repair if one of my daughters started sucking the Pope’s pipe.
    Don’t do it. Find a girl you can love. Fall in love… don’t throw your life away.
    The 1950s was over 10yrs ago, even in Roscommon.

    Don’t try to be good.
    Be better.

  6. memes

    Seriously, I can’t remember when I last saw a NunThis is not a joke.

    I saw two of them in a porno but that doesnt really count, does it?
    Have you seen many Nuns?
    Ive seen none too.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Hold on – we get to ride Nuns??!?? Cooell, every socialist principle I ever held dear has gone right down the pan. Thank you friend: when can I expect the first consignment of Nuns??

      1. JesusJockeysGetHabitsHorse

        Let us revolt.
        Beauty is in the arms of the Revolting, the whites of the eyes of the revolting and the revolution of the eyes of those of us who don’t know what’s bleedin’ goin’ on at all, at all.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Kisses to this delicate Lilly. Your descendants will be very proud of you.

      1. notarealscientistorami?

        Feck of Mr. SMOOTHIE ME-PUKEY.
        Lilley is a boy’s name.
        Get a grip.

    1. JesusJockeysGetHabitsHorse

      If you dont already know the answer it’s because you didnt ask the question.
      …and if you didnt ask the question already you wouldnt understand the answer.

      so there…

      Dont tell him lads. I think he/she is a paid reprehensible of a political party.who are worse than FG, SF, , AAA, PBP, , IND, CIE, DUBLIN BUS and all the others put together.
      (An F’n’Fer, if you’ll pardon my language.)

      I should start doing jokes, shouldnt I?
      Nothing heavy, serious or politically important. Just jokes.
      Like the government does.
      They get paid for extracting the pee-pee. Why cant I?

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