Larry On Drums? Phil On Bass? Luke On Vocals?



Every Friday, we give away a TWENTY FIVE Euro Golden Discs voucher to use at any of the record giant’s 14 branches throughout Ireland.

All we ask from you is a tune we can play at some unspecified time next week.

This weeks theme: Ultimate Irish supergroup.

What fantasy line up of quality, home made musicians would constitute your ultimate Irish supergroup? And what would they be called?

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise_______________ [on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.] and I would call them___________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.45pm Midnight SUNDAY!

Golden Discs

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62 thoughts on “Larry On Drums? Phil On Bass? Luke On Vocals?

  1. Rugbyfan

    fergal sharkey vocals, rory Gallagher on lead, caroline corr on drums, Phil Lynott on Bass, gary moore on guitar and paul brady on piano.
    I would call them The Deadlys.
    think there is something for everyone there.

  2. spm

    Wan the man (the Belfast cowboy) on vocals, Rory on guitar (no not the golfer),Philo on bass and Larry on with the sticks

  3. HyperGlobalCompuMegaNet

    A five piece a cappella group made up of Fearghal McKee (Whipping Boy), Van the Man (Them), Phil Linnot (Thin Lizzy), Sir Bob (Boomtown Rats) and Conor O’Brien (Villagers).

    Inevitably called:

    Whipping Them Thin Boomtown Villagers

  4. spm

    Van the man, the Belfast Cowboy on the mike, Rory (is that story about the Rolling Stones really true ? ) on lead guitar with Gary Moore strumming…..on bass of course Phillo and on the sticks Mr Mullin. Sinead o’ Connor & Moya

    Alternative would be amalgam of B’wWitched , Johnny Logan, Foster & Allen, Linda Martin, Jewdard & wee Daniel, and a another boy band doing shocking cover versions

  5. Birneybau2

    My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce [on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.] and I would call them ‘The Smiths’

  6. Mourinho

    Dream Big

    Vocals: Van Morrison & Clara Rose & Hozier & Me
    Backing Vocals: Sinead O’Connor & Lisa Hannigan & Declan O’Rourke & Grainne Duffy
    Guitars: Jimmy Smyth & Johnny Fean & Henry McCullough & Paul Sherry & Kacper Kucharski
    Bass: Hillary Woods & Phil Lynott
    Rhythm Section: Michael Black & Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Graham Hopkins
    Keys: Liam Ó Maonlaí & Paul Brady
    Strings: Zoe Conway & Jim McKillop & Vyvienne Long

    Just need to think of a band name now.

  7. bren

    My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise Kirsty McColl on vocals, Rory Gallagher on guitar, Phil Lynott on bass and Van Morrison acting the arse. They would sing Nick Cave covers and I would call them the “Arse and the Angels”.

  8. mark1

    Vocals: Sinead O”Connor and Luke Kelly, Guitar: Rory Gallagher, Bass: Phil Lynott, Drums: Larry Mullen Jr.

    Name: The Gaelic Aesthetic Association

  9. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

    Are we allowed to use the parentage rule?

    if so
    Liam Gallagher Vocals
    Johnny Marr Guitar
    Philo Bass
    Alan Downey drums
    Boy George Backing Vocals

    1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

      And as a tribute to Matt Johnson I’d call them De De.

  10. scottser

    My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise brian downey on drums, noel redding on bass, rory gallagher on guitar and bob geldof vocals and I would call them ‘bitch slap’.

  11. scottser

    or donal lunny, luke kelly, christy moore, john sheahan, john joe kelly and liam og o’flynn. and i’d call them ‘the bowsy chancers’.

    1. bisted

      …Donal Lunny, Christy Moore and Davy Spillane with a big brass section and call them Moving Hearts…

  12. Frilly Keane

    My ultimate Irish Super Group would comprise meself in the Cher role – vocal and tamborine, Johnny Preposterous on Guitar like Glen Campbell, the Adam Clayton on Bass would be Bertie, with Batty going full Animal on Drums and we’d be called the The Tops of the Town All-Stars Roadshow Revival

    We’d be managed by LCD
    and Shayna and Mildred can take care of the Merch
    and yer man that does all the Hot Wheels stuff will be the Road and Transport Manager

    with Rotide and Moist the humpers

      1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

        You’re SURE you wouldn’t rather be a groupie?

  13. Penfold

    My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise
    Vocals: Tim Wheeler,
    Guitar: Has to be Rory Gallagher, just a genius. Can switch rolls with Wheeler who’s a better than decent guitarist,
    Bass: Richie Egan (He could swich it up and do keys),
    on Drums: Keith Lawlor from Giveamanakick. Just mental on drums.

    And they would be called: Enjoy Your Hearing While It Lasts

  14. Michael Holland

    My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise Cormac Battle on vocals; Andy Cairns on guitar/vocals; Mark Hamilton on bass; Graham Hopkins on drums and I would call them Kings of Tragedy.

  15. Stephen

    Kevin Shields on guitar, Aphex Twin on drum machine, Enya on keyboards, Richard Egan on bass and Dustin the Turkey on Vocals.

    The band would be called That Poultry Emotion.

    1. myfinger@memes

      Sorry, not on drums. I’m not stupid

      I meant to say drugs.
      Bass and drugs.

    2. myfinger@memes

      Sorry Stephen.
      I mant to say ‘You are correct, but the word ‘guitars’ has a ‘Z’ on the end of it.
      Say it after me, GUITARZ.

      It’s plural

  16. Joe cool

    lead guitar Rory Gallagher.
    lead singer Sinead O’Connor
    bass guitar Adam Clayton
    drums Brian Downey.

    1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

      Adam Clayton / Steve Lillywhite if the rumours are true

  17. smellit@memes

    Me on bass.
    badatmemes on bass.
    myalterego on drums.
    hisyoungerself on drums.
    yourMAonbass andyourdaddyondrums.
    youruncle on backing-vocals.


  18. smellit@memes

    Sorry, not on drums. I’m not stupid

    I meant to say drugs.
    Bass and drugs.

  19. myfinger@memes

    Heavy Metal…
    dur dur de dur durr
    dur d-dd-durr-d-durr-diddy-diddy-durrrrrrr-durr.
    Frank Sinatra…

  20. PMCD

    The Psychotic Reaction

    Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney/The Fatima Mansions) – Vocals
    Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) – Guitar
    Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues) – Bass Guitar
    Eamon Carr (Horslips) – Drummer
    Jeremy Hickey (RSAG) – Drummer
    (I’m going for the double drummer – full on Adam & the Ants Burundi effect)
    Donnacha Costello – Vintage Synths/Electronic effects (check out last year’s “Mouvements” if you haven’t already done so)
    (Brigid Mae Power, Lisa O’Neill & Katie Kim on backing vocals)

    Named after “Psychotic Reaction”, one of the greatest garage rock anthems of them all by San Diego’s Count Five, fronted by Crumlin’s John “Sean” Byrne. In deference to the origin of the band’s name, The Psychotic Reaction will have to don full length high-collared vampire capes. (I may have thought about this too much)

      1. PMCD

        This from the man who wanted Gallagher and Marr in his band!!! Now, now, it’s my band! SCREAMS In FULL ON PETER GRANT (in Song Remains the Same) mode: “Talk to me, they’re my band, nobody messes with my band, have some self respect, they’re my band.”

        1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

          I think I take particular exception because she was such an awful bass player!

          Feck it, I’m having Kate Bush so :)

      2. myfinger@memes

        Cathal and Kevin, yeah…2 good shouts…
        …but when it comes to Cait I’m with Bertie.

  21. AMOS

    The ultimate Irish supergroup – I would pay good money to see this line-up:

    Moya Brennan on vocals, Declan O’Rourke on vocals and guitar
    Neil Hannon on piano, lyrics
    David Holmes on keyboards and decks
    Martin Hayes on fiddle
    Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (of the great “Engine Alley”!) on drums
    Joe Wall (“The Stunning”) on bass

    Their name: “Tonight We Fly”

  22. my2fingerz@memes

    Me on bongos.
    Your granny on drugs.
    Ridiculous haircuts and no talent…

    What could go wrong?

  23. my2fingerz@memes

    The debacle is disingenuous
    The debate is over.

    I should write a limerick, to placate myself.
    But I won’t.

    Nothing rhymes with ‘swivel’.
    -Your turn…

  24. Nigel

    James Joyce on 20th century postmodernism, Eamon De Buitléar on to The Waters And The Wild, Marian Finucane on the radio, Eamon Dunphy on John Giles, Saoirse Ronan on that Galway Girl video, Sean Kelly on a bike, and The Lone Ranger on Trigger.

  25. memes

    There are only seven things you should fight about publically on the Internet.
    Three of them are numeracy, and I forget the other one.

  26. memes

    Wait a minute…
    my drug dealer wants to be in the band too. She doesn’t play an instrument but she’s fond of a fiddle and the grass is free.
    I just roll with it.
    Why would I do anything differently?

    1. lickmyballzack@memes

      Why am I in fuppin moderation?
      This a a road of boris. I not ever chirese. I am a numbel.

  27. iloveyoutoo@memes

    It’s a beautiful dayyy…

    But is it really Bobo (out of Utwo)
    It’s 3:15am.
    It’s dark outside. I checked. You’re a lyin’ bollix.
    I kno its either u orr the edge who runs thissite and you cansuck meknob yizladypartz, you and Louis Walsh, except Louis Walsh.

  28. iloveyoutoo@memes

    Oh Man…
    The stories I could make up about U2 and their ignorant fuppwit of a manager who’s nameis Paul.
    But this is 2017…

    Ain’t nobody got time for that now!

    1. iloveyoutoo@memes

      He’s no Louis Walh.
      ill shut up now.

      go on, sure yer grand. Im just impersonating viper higgins. he will never get a capital letter offof me.
      here’s a pair of breasties for you francis (.)(.)
      I wish they were bigger too. fupp off.

  29. iloveviperhiggins@memes

    Google ‘smart people with the surname Higgins’

    You won’t get any results until you update your browser.

    Only messing. The Viper is DEADLY.
    I love that guy.

    He can be my drummer.

  30. whoisviperhiggins@memes

    I can’t stop laughing at the ‘Larry On Drums…’ part of the title.

    It’s like saying, ‘Here’s my 5yr old niece… she’s on lead vocals’

    She writes the lyrics too.

      1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

        I think his drumming on “stuck in a moment” is excellent… it kinda drifts over the top of the song.
        I told him that in person a few months ago. (clunk name drop!)
        “ah, I must be your favourite drummer” he laughed.
        “sorry, it’s Clem from Blondie” says I.
        “that’s cool, he’s better than me!”

        true but dull story.

        he’s a gent :)

        1. know man is an island

          I’ll have a listen again

          He’s not a bad drummer but I always find the suggestion that he’s the most “musical” in the group somewhat risible. As if being able to keep time is the only thing a musician needs to really master.

          1. scottser

            if i may.
            unless you’re incredibly proficient technically, a drummer’s most saleable skill is his ability to groove, to maintain what they call a ‘pocket’. quite a few drummers have it – phil rudd, hal blaine, john bonham etc. larry has it, in spades.

  31. me, me @ memes. why did you never get that before now?

    Im not even gay, but I kinda wish I was.
    it feels wrong to suck myselfboff like this, with nobody watching…and not being vay or anything.

    Its not right.

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