‘The Issue Of Women’s Rights Was Not Specifically Discussed’



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From top: Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Toronto this morning and excerpts of a Dáil transcript from April 1, 2014

Further to the question over whether Ireland voted for Saudi Arabia to be included in the UN Commission on the State of Women…

And demands for the Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan to reveal how Ireland voted…

RTÉ reports:

A contradiction has emerged in Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s assertion that he raised the question of women’s rights during a visit to Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Mr Kenny told journalists in Canada that he had raised the issue during a trade mission.

However the Dáil record from the time shows the Taoiseach told Opposition deputies that the subject was not discussed [see above].

The Taoiseach led a trade mission to Saudi Arabia in January 2014 – a trip which led to the signing of €65m in contracts, and the creation of 95 jobs.

There you go, now.

Contradiction emerges in Kenny’s Saudi Arabia claims (RTE)

Transcript via Kildarestreet.com

Pic: Irish Embassy Canada

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15 thoughts on “‘The Issue Of Women’s Rights Was Not Specifically Discussed’

  1. ollie

    In fairness to Edna he couldn’t reply on the “man with 2 points” story in a Country where alcohol is banned.

    The truth of the matter is that he did a bit of shadow boxing with the Crown Prince and gave his missus the thumbs up, just to show that he likes women, like you know yourself.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    Anyone surprised? The man has been shown up as a shameless, bare-faced liar on multiple occasions now. Martin should shut his bottom, though; he’s no better.

  3. martco

    reet I’m done with the likes of this ct bringing my mood down

    I have a nice evening out planned with Pauline Black, the sun is bateing down, I’ve just finished work and I’m going to make something to eat when I get in the door pre entertainment!

    right so it’s recipe time:

    best roast pepper salad sambos

    you’ll need some 1) ripe red peppers (the dark red fellas in Lidl are very flavoursome, dark as possible, give them a little wash first tho as they can be a bit dusty) 2) a decent head of garlic 3) a decent fresh crusty bread of your choice…that farmhouse seeded loaf in same German discount supermarket does nicely if in a pinch and run it their slicer to make life easy 4) olive oil 5) optional goats cheese

    get your oven to 200c, barely rub the peppers with a little oil and into an oven tin, break up the head of garlic and scatter don’t peel them just bung in, some salt and pepper and into the oven for about 40 mins or until the skins of the peppers are heading for burnt.
    yes, burnt.
    tin out of oven and cover with tinfoil or baking paper for 20 mins to rest (there’s some goo oozing going on here that’s a very important thing trust me)
    Remove the peppers and garlic clovesto a separate plate/bowl and peel and deseed them…little fiddly but worth the effort YouTube it if ure not sure the skins will peel off easily (it’s a nicely satisfying job actually) slice them up and back into the roasting tin and that goo. Also squeeze out the cloves of garlic and back into the tin (you’re gonna make a dressing with them here ok…gather them into a corner of the tin, get a fork and mash them up with a little salt n pepper and a little of the goo, add in a glug of the olive oil stir/mash in that corner of the tin till u have the dressing and scoop it over the peeled peppers next door, let it sit till room temp.
    Assemble the sambo, crusty bread onto the plates peppers and dressing on, slice some goats cheese if u fancy. Sit in the evening sun with your sambos a nice Italian beer like Moretti and company of choice and forget Kenny Coveney Varadwankar Noreeeeen and any of the other clowns that pss you off during the week.


  4. yabbadabadab@memes

    Why did THE MEN not discuss ‘Womens’ rights?
    Were they going for pints or something important like that?

    Its all a load of bollixs who have no balls.

    1. yabbadabadab@memes

      I’m not a woman type person myself, so I know to kick a ball or two and make it hurt.
      Testes me…

      1. yabbadabadab@memes

        I know HOW…..
        Forget it. That doesn’t matter. Listen…

        I know a game you can play if you have 2 phones and a girlfriend…
        Oh, okay then…

        (are you selling that spare phone?)

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