17 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. memesissuddenlysoberagain

    Irish Times, trolling us again…
    Church’s good deeds ‘almost obliterated’

    That’not how you spell ‘Churches”, and that’s not how you spell ‘covered up in cover-ups’ either.

    Yeah, come and have a go if you think you’re Catholic enough…
    … but you aren’t, are you?

    1. memesissuddenlysoberagain

      Actually, that IS how you spell ‘church’s’, but with a capital ‘C’.
      Excuse my Latin…
      Mea Culpa.
      I haven’t been awake at Mass for a very long time.

  2. memesissuddenlysoberagain

    I shouldn’t have said ‘No man is a dildo’.
    Some men are.

    I meant to say ‘know man is an island’ is a girl.
    I thought everyone knew already.

    Ignore me..

  3. memes

    Memes is pretending to be drunk. He likes being drunk and he misses it.
    look at how sober he is. You will never enjoy such a bequath upon your person at this hour from

    its not even late really.
    time is a concept, a constraint and a construction. It isnt the catalyst you think it is., you Catholic who thinks it works backwards, but that’s your choice baby. I wish you the best. I worry for you..

    So yeah, have a go…

  4. ihateallofyouequally.com

    Touché, Motherblasters.
    Flip you and your algorithms.

    The real World is waiting, outside.
    …wants to kick you in the balls, but it doesnt really matter.

  5. Nous sommes les memes qu

    I just had a brilliant idea…
    (Hello TV3… yeah you!)

    What about you walk around different Irish towns waking homeless people up while they try to sleep and offer them a cup of coffee?
    It would be hilarious and it would instill that idea that poor people are stupid. It would be like the Late Late Show, but without the budget. Aw c’mon… I’m serious.

    You’re better at this crap than RTÉ could ever hope to be.
    You deserve some bollicking too.

    TG4 rulez, okay!
    (sorry, wrong alphabet…)

  6. know man is an island

    Me!me!me! is even scarier when he’s sober

    Anyway nice quip about “mum of 5” that

    Imagine the brazen hussy kissing a fella!

    What a world :(

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