Imagine The Size Of The Goose


solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-02solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-01 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-03 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-04 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-05

The Solar Egg by Stockholm based design duo Bigert & Bergström – a steel egg plated with gold (reflecting the surrounding landscape of Kiruna in Sweden) with a wood-fired sauna inside. 

Made of 69 separate pieces and accessed by a folding golden stairway, the sauna egg is a  public art installation which can accommodate eight sweaty patrons at once.


3 thoughts on “Imagine The Size Of The Goose

  1. Andyb

    I see they finally repurposed the giant mirrorball lemon from the U2 Popmart tour.

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