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The Solar Egg by Stockholm based design duo Bigert & Bergström – a steel egg plated with gold (reflecting the surrounding landscape of Kiruna in Sweden) with a wood-fired sauna inside. 

Made of 69 separate pieces and accessed by a folding golden stairway, the sauna egg is a  public art installation which can accommodate eight sweaty patrons at once.


Grotto4CUTGrotto7CUT Grotto2CUTGrotto3CUT Grotto1CUTGrotto6CUTGrotto5CUT
The grotto: a sensuously curvaceous take on the traditionally angular sauna by Canadian designers Partisan. Built in the garden of a private home overlooking Lake Huron, each interior panel was created as a three-dimensional model before being cut from moisture-resistant cedar.

Construction video.


Niamh Geoghegan and Shirley Fitzpatrick decided to build a mobile sauna and travel around Ireland.

The Bosca Beatha left the Hill of Tara on the Summer Soltice (June 21).

Sez Niamh:

We both understand the complete randomness of this adventure but feel that it is the perfect time to remind people about the endless possibilities of their own imaginations. I am tired of all the constant stream of negative news and look forward to discovering the hidden gems, humour, music and sceals of this special island.

Among its many other gifts, I envisage the Bosca Beatha to be bringer of good news stories and I will endeavour to share these with you as we move along. Keep your eyes open and towels at hand, the Bosca Beatha is on its way.


AND they met some literally hot and sweaty surf dudes in Easky, Co Sligo.

Bosca Beatha

 Thanks Myriam