14 thoughts on “U Ok Hun?

      1. Andrew

        oh dear! fascist?? We don’t have any elected right wing TD’s or political parties in this country. If you think we do, then you don’t know what right wing or left wing actually means. You clearly don’t know what fascist means anyway.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Yeah that’s a line right wingers have been using in this country for a while now; ‘We’re not right wing! There is no right wing?’ Right wingers aren’t the brightest.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          That’s another common right wing line. ‘Oh you just think EVERYONE you disagree with is a fascist so that means everything I said is fine and definitely not fascist.’

        2. bisted

          …I think Village have the measure of Leo…his present bit of posturing is to appeal to the ‘grassroot’ blueshirts who can make him leader as opposed to Simon whose appeal is to the ‘ordinary decent’ members who see him as royalty.
          Thing is, neither of the two of them need worry because there will be an election soon and it’ll be FF/SF. By the time FG come within a sniff of winning an electoral majority again it’ll be in a generation and it’ll be elder statesman Pascal as leader…

  1. Mourinho

    He’s not that right wing.
    I tend to agree with a lot of his work.
    It’s good that he wants to crack down on welfare fraud.
    That’s him doing his job.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      He’s about as right wing as you can get without the scapegoating of foreigners. The poor work just as well for that role, though.

    2. scottser

      yeah, but he’s lying about the figures. and if he wanted to do something about fraud he should look at the corporate sector but he won’t touch that with a bargepole. varadkar is a douche, and will be probably be the leader of the douchiest party in the state – fine douche.

      1. Mourinho

        He’s Minister for Social Protection. I don’t think he has remit for the corporate sector.

      2. know man is an island

        He’s not Minister for the ‘Corporate Sector’. Who’s the douchebag again?

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