13 thoughts on “High-Proof Spirits

  1. bad at large

    I don’t mean to give the guy a complex or anything, but doesn’t LJG look a little bit like Jesus?
    (A prepubescent Jesus, with a stick-on beard, in Madame Tussauds.)

    Think about it… I did…
    Jesus was shunned by his peers.
    Jesus had many followers on YouTube.
    Jesus never cracked a good joke but he was still funny, in a ‘laugh AT him, not with him’ kinda way.

    I think it’s him.
    And I think Bodger is the Devil.

    1. bad at large

      Little-Jesus Gombeen.
      Limited Joke-Generator.
      Lucky, Jammy, Gobpoo.

      I congratulate the boy, and look forward to the day he grows up.
      Or falls off a cliff*
      (That beard makes me want to punch other, innocent people.)**

      *…methaphorically speaking, of course.
      ** Double that.

        1. bad at large

          I would like to call this a rabbit hole, but it sounds a bit too, eh… sexy…?..? ? ?

          There’s a ‘second-coming’ joke in here somewhere… I can’t find it.
          Save me LJG.

          I love you, Laboured Jokes Galore.
          NEVER grow up.

  2. bad at large

    I know you want to reply.
    You don’t see anyone to agree with, an opportunity to ‘earn’ a badge.
    I understand your pain. I never feel it. That’s what YOU do.

    The ONLY thing wrong with this site is the sychophantic sectioning.

    Step back. Ladies… watch this for ‘☆☆☆☆☆’ Alpha-Male self-impetulance
    I drunk and on a drugs, always, but you fuppers… You have no excuse beyond your fragile and self-important egos.

    I dont know what it means but I said it.

    Broadsheet Rules.

    Carry on… Keep saying ‘+1’. Say ‘+2’to look clever.

    This is not a joke.
    Stop being a punchline.

    You don’tt know what to say, do you?

  3. bad at large

    My problem with most of you is your presumption that everyone wears the same blinkers you wear.

    Mine are psychedelic, always.
    Yours are myopic, too often.

    I have more to say, but I’m getting bored.

  4. bad at large

    One more thing…
    – If nobody replies to me it’s kinda the same as nobody commenting on Lucifer Jaundice Goon.

    My replies don’t count.

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