Thousands Are Singing


The Pogues

Last week, we asked you to select your favourite song recorded by The Pogues excluding Fairytale of New York.

A Golden Discs voucher worth TWENTY FIVE euros  was up for grabs so the competition was particularly intense.

But there could only be one winner.

In reverse order so:

The Sick bed of Cuchulainn (1985)

Liam Deliverance writes:

” Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is The Sick Bed Of Cuchulain. Musically it has not a lot to recommend it although it’s hard to dislike the slow-fast-slow-fast style typical of Pogues tracks and the witty and rambunctious delivery. Lyrically though, magnificent. No-one else but Mr McGowan could write a song like this. Lyrics here

Worms (1988)

Al Jeers writes:

‘Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is Worms. It’s the last track from “If I Should Fall from Grace with God” and there’s a very long gap between the penultimate track and so it arrives horribly and unexpectedly. It’s a musical approximation of the horrors. I kind of like it.

The Broad Majestic Shannon (1988)

Pat Walsh writes:

Not including the magnificent A Fairytale Of New York, the finest song recorded by The Pogues is The Broad Majestic Shannon from their second album because even though it has some similarities to the tune of Fairytale, it also stands apart from it & because it captures the memories of the summers that Shane spent visiting his relations in Tipperary when he was a young fella. Liam Clancy also does a great version of the song.

Fiesta (1988)

Daisy Chainsaw writes:

Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is Fiesta because I pogo round the place like a lunatic to it… and then wonder why my knees need replacing!

Therave adds:

The best Pogues song would be Fiesta, Preachers pub on Washington Street in Cork was once owned by a guy called Ted, Ted loved the song but the regulars loved it more and at random points in the night Ted would blast it up on the stereo to which the crowd would go berserk , dancing on seats and tables…….. ahhh the good old days.

White City (1989)

Friscondo writes:

White City is an Irish tune about Shane’s love of London. Best, maddest gig, I was ever at was seeing them in Dec 1988 in Brixton Academy. Kirsty McCall guested and one of the guys I was with went missing for three days, on the night. He met a girl from Reading and went on a major session. Turned up on the Sunday totally blasé. Honourable mentions to Body of an American, The Old Main Drag, A Pair of Brown Eyes and Thousands Are Sailing.


A Pair Of Brown Eyes (1985)

Orla Smith writes:

Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is…I love them all but it has to be  A Pair of Brown Eyes – it’s Shane’s anti-war song that rivals ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Cait’s smokey harmonies comforting Shane’s raspy sorrowful tone, arguably the best example of how he actually could sing back in the day.

The song has everything the Pogues were all about.  Shane’s song writing is unrivaled but when it’s combined with the genius and musicality the rest of the gang are blessed with – it’s pure magic. I saw them when I was nine, snuck into The Stadium on South Circular Road by me auntie’s in 1991 and it set me up for life!


Haunted (1986)

PMCD writes:

Haunted is sung by Cait O’Riordan and was first featured on the soundtrack to Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy back in 1986. In many ways its the best thing about the movie – though I’ve always had a soft spot for Gary Oldman’s Sid Vicious. The song’s got one of McGowan’s most beautiful lyrics and its chorus of, “I want to be haunted by the ghost of your precious love” is pretty spine-tingling stuff. Is it as good as A Rainy Night In Soho? Hmmm.”

Winning song:

A Rainy Night In Soho (1986)

Harry Molloy writes;

A Rainy Night in Soho because it’s simply a lovely bit of songwriting and a simple but beautiful piece of music.

Thanks all


Golden Discs

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7 thoughts on “Thousands Are Singing

  1. Friscondo

    Yeah, probably deserved winner. Listening again to several albums, it’s amazing how many quality songs they have in their archive.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Well done Harry on your win, we were spoilt for choice with many great songs rich in melody and lyrics. Rainy Night in Soho is the best, has all the right ingredients of a classic – an emotive and timeless tune. I’ve had Pogues song running through my head all week, this one is has developed into a right ole earworm. Maybe I can pass it on . . .

    The canals and the bridges, the embankments and cuts,
    They blasted and dug with their sweat and their guts
    They never drank water but whiskey by pints
    And the shanty towns rang with their songs and their fights.

    Navigator, navigator rise up and be strong
    The morning is here and there’s work to be done.
    Take your pick and your shovel and the bold dynamite
    For to shift a few tons of this earthly delight
    Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight.

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