28 thoughts on “Mac Daddy

      1. pedeyw

        Your well reasoned argument argument has persuaded me. I will now go through my life belittling everyone in a futile effort to make myself feel important.

        1. Owen

          – 1 Stop trying so hard.

          You need to act like you don’t care, but actually be dying inside with anxiety, brought on by a relentless need for public approval.

          1. Owen

            That’s not true! Lies!

            I’d type more but my hands are shaking with nervous anxiety.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          I didn’t take this as a belittling of someone who doesn’t care what others think – more marvelling at his method of ferrying his laptop. Novel and possibly foolhardy in one.

          1. scottser

            and there was me thinking that no man should ever need a man-bag. showed me, eh?

  1. cupantae33

    These kinds of posts really bug me – can we not live and let live? Can a person not go about their business without getting snapped without their knowledge and posted on the internet?

    1. Niall Larkin

      I wholly agree – live and let live. And I’d add, highlight and celebrate the remarkable. Given the location at the digital hub, one can only presume he was just out and about testing a prototype wearable device. These guys are the heroes, the risk takers, the innovators. Yes of course some people will presume to scoff and scorn. But sure lookit..That shouldn’t stop us from taking notice and celebrating the diversity of remarkable people among us. And even if that attention attracts a lot of positive comments and some small degree of ridicule, well that just a rite of passage and a teachable moment to look back on for the naysayers. Or not. Each to their own interpretation at the end of the day.

  2. tommy d

    from a purely scumbag point of view how easy would that be to snatch and make an easy getaway from rollerblade man.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    Best photo I’ve seen today. Fair play to that fella. He might be carrying a banana and a laptop in his shorts but he is clearly not carrying any fupps.

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