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Fergus McCormack writes:

In Brexit, Trump and Us economist David McWilliams visits France where Marine Le Pen’s 34% showing in their recent presidential election marks the level of anti-establishment and anti-European sentiment…

…and England where the upcoming general election is regarded as yet another measure of the depth of nationalist feeling.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted as part of the documentary found 71% agreeing that Ireland should stay in the EU, even if the outcome of the Brexit negotiations are bad for the country.


Brexit, Trump and Us on RTÉ One at 9:35pm

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5 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Increasing Displacement

    He’s been profiting nicely rambling on for the last few years
    Say he’s only dying for another huge coitus-up to go on about

  2. Leopold Gloom

    McWilliams has made a career out of sitting on the fence saying things can go either way, and then saying well I told you so (when he didn’t say anything) as he disregards most of what he actually said. As above he rambles.

    Then he follows it up with something to say how it all went wrong.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    He keeps trying to make fascists look normal. He thinks we need to be “saved” from public sector unions. He’s got some worrying ideas sitting under that dreaminess and need for attention.

  4. Eoin

    He speaks with authority. A man who knows his stuff. But, I remember him calling for more quantitative easing in Europe. That’s what the US was and is doing! Print more money like confetti and give it to the banks to keep them (and their short positions etc.) alive. And we gotta keep up with everyone else, right? That’s like saying that other governments are robbing their citizens blind so the EU should do the same. Don’t call out the rotten system but try to work within it and perpetuate the suffering? Well every rotten system fails eventually under it’s own bloated weight. And when that happens, in the financial world, Ireland will be hit hard because of the thinking of people like McWilliams. Austrias anti EU party is currently favourite to win a general election. And they are just about ready for that election. If they…erm….Auxit the EU, what happens to the Euros value? Ireland’s like a cabin boy on the Titanic, busy kissing the captains rear on the bridge, when he should be making a b-line for the lifeboats. Or at least be trying to figure out a route to the life boats.

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