Stiff Upper Tweets


The ever-growing, satirical response to the Manchester-inspired #BritishThreatLevel thread in which British tweeters share their nightmare imagined scenarios.

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20 thoughts on “Stiff Upper Tweets

  1. classter

    These are a neat encapsulation of one classic British trait.

    That is, taking normal human interactions or at the very most normal, European human interactions and describing them as peculiarly British.

    Spent some time over there and it used to baffle me completely.

    Only British people write some generic statement in the leaving card of a not very close colleague, only British people can be mildly awkward over a poor phone line, etc.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      True! But Irish people do it too- I see it all the time on here- ours is “only in Ireland” “the most corrupt country in the world”…etc
      Nope to both of those, it drives me mad. Humans of all creeds/races/classes etc are capable of doing sh*tty things to each other, and they do- on the regular

      …..interesting that UK feels the need to be seen as different & important while

      many consider Irish identity to be linked to being different & downtrodden

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      When English people confuse their own country with another and decide to claim it anyway….

  2. Goosey Lucy

    What IS the correct way to say scones? I say with a long “o” sound, as there’s an “e” at the end eg hat/hate, gap/gape, but English has more exceptions to rules than rules!
    Tbf, even if I’m told I’ve been saying it wrong all my life, I can’t change now

      1. Goosey Lucy

        Thanks!! Funny little map! Would’ve thought Mayo would be orange/yellow though, as everyone from there seems to pronounce it the northern U.K. Way.
        (In my experience)

        I’m grand so!

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Scoooooone, pronounced like stone.

      Anyone who calls it a scohn, pronounced like gone, is nothing but an arse and seeds to be slapped round the back of the head immediately.

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