13 thoughts on “Coq Au Bin

  1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

    Disposable c€&ok?

    Don’t tell clampers

  2. Nigel

    Sometimes in the morning, Inflatable Penis likes to lean out of his window and watch the city wake up, the road filling with cars and the street with people, Inflatable Penis likes to sit there and make up stories about each person passing by, to think about each individual life and their cares and concerns. And the people of the city, as they go by, glance at Inflatable Penis and think to themselves, ‘Is that inflatable penis looking at me?’

  3. Jayzus B. Christ

    My mate at school drew something very like this on a map in my Geography book, beside the placename ‘Bin Swilly’.

  4. Doood

    Grafton Street’s a wonderland, there’s magic in the air, there are diamonds in the ladies eyes and gold dust in their haaaaaaaiiir. And if you don’t believe…DICKBIN

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