The cycle lane at Dollymount Strand, Clontarf, Dublin 3

“Myself and my husband were walking along the promenade last Tuesday morning and my toddler was on his tricycle in the bicycle lane

A couple of very professionally-dressed cyclists came speeding down the bicycle path at lightning speed and began yelling and cursing to get the child off the track.

My child jumped off his bicycle in terror and ran straight out in front of them. My husband literally dived to push [him] into the nearby grass area where it took us several minutes to calm him.

The cyclist continued to shout and yell as he sped on with no regard for the child who had a gash in the side of his stomach from the fall. I shudder to think what could have happened if my partner had not stepped in.”

A letter sent to Dublin City Council and released as part of a Freedom of Information request

Professionally-dressed cyclists’ making Clontarf promenade unsafe, woman claims (Irish Times)

Judith Goldberger writes:

Professionally-dressed cyclists’ making Clontarf promenade unsafe, woman claims
What is a “professionally dressed” cyclist?

They do sound like a right crowd of Eddy Jerckx all the same.
Any ideas who requested the FOI? And why?


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95 thoughts on “Me No Lycra

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    so is it a promenade or a cycle lane ?
    Genuine question ?
    Is there a separate footpath ?

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Here they have a 3 inch high mini wall.. makes you think twice before stepping over and impossible for cyclists to ere

          2. Serval

            No it doesn’t.
            My husband stepped slightly over the white lane on Golden Gate Bridge and a cyclist hit him from behind causing herself pretty painful looking injuries.
            The paramedics told us there are accidents there every day.

  2. Rob

    I am a proud Mamil, spending far more on Lycra products than my conscience can bear, but I do agree with the sentiments of the writer. The cycle path up to Sutton is very narrow, immediately beside a footpath in many places and entirely unsuitable to cycle clubs / individuals on training rides. It’s not unreasonable for a family to want to be able to use these facilities by the sea for learning to ride a bike and similar activities.

    1. Kenny U-Vox Plank

      Unless you wear Rapha and are a member of the Raphia nobody cares about mamils.

      1. Rob_G

        Because all that was missing was the cyclists cracking open the skull of the infant and feasting on the goo inside.

  3. Increasing Displacement

    2-3 abreast on country roads
    cycling in the middle of country road lanes at 25-35km/h when the speed limit is 100
    not cycling on cycling lanes when available
    sense of entitlement

    naughty persons the lot of em

    1. Goosey Lucy

      And my personal gripe- nearly getting run over (numerous times) by cyclists cycling the wrong way on a bike path! Use the other side of the road you idiot!!!!

      1. dan

        And the constant breaking of red lights. See this countless times a day in town – swerving around pedestrians who are crossing on green. Dublin Bike users often the main offenders.

        1. Owen

          The red light breaking is actually shocking. I’d say 1 in 10 cyclists in Ireland stop at a red lights.

          1. Serval

            It’s the same as a pedestrian crossing the road when there is a red light.
            Cyclists don’t just break red lights without slowing down or making sure it is safe for them to proceed.
            They slow down to almost a stop and then proceed at a speed which is a fraction faster than a pedestrian.

    2. Common Projekts


      2-3 abreast on country roads > 2 abreast is allowed. 3 is not.
      cycling in the middle of country road lanes at 25-35km/h when the speed limit is 100 > In the middle is not allowed, but the rest is fine. You have to share the road with other users.
      not cycling on cycling lanes when available > There is no legal obligation to use them. They are very often in a state of disrepair, or, if you are doing a decent speed, or want to shout at kids on trikes, it’s smarter to use the road.
      sense of entitlement > The same thing you seem to have TBH. We share the roads. There are indeed “c u next tuesdays” behind the handlebars of bikes, and the wheels of cars. How about we all try not to be one?
      lycra > Don’t knock it will you’ve tried it.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        lycra > Don’t knock it will you’ve tried it – i dont think they make lycra that expands enough, well maybe goodyear do

        Look I’m just saying if a car comes around a country road corner at 70-80 to find group of cyclists 2-3 abreasts it’s dangerous. There will be one loser.

        1. Rob_G

          Maybe they should lower the speed limits on these roads, then, if motorists are driving too fast to react to these things.

      2. Gav D

        > not cycling on cycling lanes when available > There is no legal obligation to use them.

        Have to pull you up on that one. Its in the rules of the road that cyclists MUST use them if available. Daily cyclist myself and carry a copy of the rules in case these sort of arguments come up.

        1. spudnick

          You’re reading them wrong then. That bit applies only to shared ped/cycle areas.

        2. Vote Rep #1

          Incorrect: Cyclists are advised to use these tracks wherever they are provided however, by law a cyclist must use any cycle track provided as part of a pedestrian street or area or as part of a contra-flow cycle track.

          Regardless, they should use them as most are more than fine. Some are awful though.

    3. Leopold Gloom

      cycling 2 abreast is perfectly legal and far safer. 100 is a limit, not a target. It’s not a sense of entitlement, it’s nomore a sense of entitlement than eejit drivers making stupid maneuvers.

      Not cycling on cycling lanes is generally because they are crap, covered in glass, people walking or jogging in them, they are dangerous and give up right of way. Drivers taking up bus lanes is a far worse issue but no vitriol there it seems.

      You seem like you need to sit down, maybe on a bike and go for a pedal.

  4. Declan

    If they were traveling at lightning speed, its a wonder she heard anything at all. Maybe they were trying to warn her her kid was in danger and the parents should take their eyes off her phones and make sure the child was safely on the pedestrian side. All conjecture as none of us were there of course. The cycle path is separated by a painted line from pedestrian path and has regular bike symbols on the path. I cycle there daily and the biggest fear I have is a pedestrian or a dog wandering in front of me after not checking their surroundings, as you would crossing a road or changing lanes while driving. They either ignored the markings on the path and walked in the cycle lane or they weren’t paying enough attention to their child and the poor kid nearly got seriously hurt.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      But their kid was on a bike!!!! Admittedly a tricycle, but the principle applies? I mean- they can’t slow down for a second?! Wouldn’t want to be behind me then, I’m not the fastest on a bike!
      If I did this as a jogger, it would mean I’d run into people because “f them, I’m running” ?!

    2. Increasing Displacement

      “he parents should take their eyes off her phones” – comment of a complete ‘exit hole at base of back’

      Cycle lanes are for cycling of all abilities and ages. Do you really think they’re the place for 30km/h when there’s a walking lane at the same level with kids on it? Should people of less capability just get of the way because what?

      No. Not they are not. You male organ of reproduction.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Good to see that cop on all applies to other people but not people with children. A toddler should be on the footpath with the parents, not somewhere were people will be travelling at a greater speed. It doesn’t have to 30k or anything even close to it. I’m not going to have my kid on a tricycle on the cycle lane on the road, why would I do it on that cycle lane?

        1. Increasing Displacement

          They have every right to enjoy the path
          Could be the only one they have available to them with nice views
          Could be that they pay their taxes to

          That path is insufficiently wide for higher speeds
          I wouldn’t do it on a scrambler without full protective gear and assurances no one would be on it

          Cop on

          1. Vote Rep #1

            They have every right to enjoy the path but they are complaining about the cycle lane. A toddler shouldn’t be on the cycle lane. Would you put a toddler on a cycle lane on a road? Same thing, no? Any speed is a high speed when it comes toddlers for gods sake.
            Rabble Rabble Rabble taxes Rabble Rabble.
            Once again, everything cyclists do bad, things people do on cycle lanes that they are probably should not do, fine.

          2. Increasing Displacement

            The cyclists could have JUST SLOWED DOWN.
            Wow…so much inconvenience for them
            No shouting needed or scaring the life out of a kid and parents
            They were just not nice people
            End of story
            If a car had done the same to a cyclist you’d be p1ssing and moaning the other way

          3. Vote Rep #1

            And they could well have. It doesn’t say if they did or not. It says the child ran in front of them. It says nothing of what speed the cyclists were going at the time. You’re the one that has decided that they were flying along straight at him and are bad people. You can knock into a person if they step in front of you while you are walking slowly as a casual stroll up grafton st on a saturday shows.

          4. Increasing Displacement


            “The cyclist continued to shout and yell as he sped on with no regard”

            Sped on
            Didn’t stop

            They were not going slow. They did not stop and have the common courtesy to see if everyone was ok. It was small child at the end of the day.

            Enough said. I’m done flogging this. They were bum holes. You’re one of their ilk.

          5. Vote Rep #1

            I never said that they weren’t bumholes, I said a toddler on a tricycle shouldn’t be on the cycle path. The toddler should have been on the path with the parents where it is safe. No matter what speed a cyclist would be going at it, it is going to be fast to a toddler on a tricycle. You seem utterly unable to acknowledge that and instead are complaining about cyclists being on the roads or on the cycle path while, somewhat amusingly, inadvertently showing yourself to be a dangerous driver and someone who resorts to insults when people dare to have a opinion that differs to yours.

          6. Increasing Displacement

            You don’t sound like you know anything about kids
            But year I’m sure it’s ok to ban everyone you dont think is good enough for the cycle paths.
            God forbid one day one of your frail grandparents stumbles in front of one of these bumholes and gets smashing you inconsiderate sack of love muck

          7. Vote Rep #1

            Thanks, my kids probably think different to you but sure what they know compared to an angry person on the internet throwing insults around with wild abandon. I didn’t say to ban anyone, I simply say that toddlers shouldn’t be on a cycle path. That was it. Toddlers. They should be right beside their parent(s) on the path. They are after all very young and liable to do stupid things as they don’t know any better. No idea what my dead grandparents have to do with this.

      2. ZeligIsJaded

        Precisely why I don’t cycle on cycle lanes that are frequented by pedestrians/families etc.

        But you don’t agree with that either.

        Its not feasible to expect cyclists who are cycling long distances to work to cycle behind young children learning to cycle.

        Issue once again is about insufficient space being afforded to cyclists – of all abilities.

      3. Rob_G

        So, you don’t want cyclists cycling on the road because they are too slow, but you also don’t want them cycling on the cycle path because they are too fast…

  5. Turgenev

    Rather good letter in Irish Times today in response:

    Sir, – Ita McCormack (May 30th) writes that she shudders “to think of a family of cyclists silently coming up behind” as she walks along the Royal Canal towpath.
    She is right to be concerned.
    There is nothing I enjoy more than taking my own pack of cyclists out to stalk unsuspecting prey as they perambulate along the water’s edge.
    A quick strike to the back of the neck with a handpump usually incapacitates the victim. The cub cyclists are then encouraged to play with the lifeless body; it helps them to develop their own predatory instincts and motor skills.
    A decent-sized walker can feed a pack of up to seven cyclists, and after a good outing we may not need to eat again for four or five days.
    It’s a jungle out there. – Yours, etc,
    Dublin 3.

    1. Bruncvik

      Just wait till the new Luas is in operation. The path between Broombridge and the new Cabra bridge is so narrow, only two people may fit next to each other. A few dozen people leaving the station at once will be able to feed an entire tribe of cyclists.

    2. Goosey Lucy

      It IS a jungle out there, what with some seriously entitled and angry people, all in a rush to get nowhere, recording their PB on Strava because the Olympic Council is missing a cyclist/runner etc
      They are all missing a good kick up the hole, if you ask me!

  6. Bruncvik

    Unrelated to the story, but still cycling lane related. Yesterday, while running in Phoenix Park, I witnessed two cars in a 5-minute span driving on separated cycle lanes. The second car was actually stopped by a OPW vehicle, but was let go with a warning. I don’t cycle, so I don’t know whether there was any real danger for the cyclists, but at the very least it was inconsiderate.

    1. Thepaps

      Yup , people not respecting cycle lanes is a problem , try it on the continent and you’ll be ring out of it and fined .

      1. Increasing Displacement

        Take the cyclists of the road in the park onto the cycle lanes they should be using and then come back

        “oh there’s pedestrians on it tho”

        bo hoo, how do you expect them to get their buggies and kids from their car to the walking path? jump the fence? you jump the fance…

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Aye. If you park your car up from the zoo (ie nearer the Aras), you have to cross a cycle lane and a fence to get to the footpath. “Uh huh, no way sista,” sez I, waggling my finger.

        2. Vote Rep #1

          I like how Increasing Displacement has an excuse for everyone else being in a cycle lane but fumes if an cyclists does anything he doesn’t like, even when they are perfectly allowed to do it.
          Anyone else in a cycle lane? They have a perfectly valid excuse.
          A cyclist cycling on a country road? Worse than hitler.

          1. Increasing Displacement

            What’s that theory where Hitler is mentioned in an online convo eventually?
            You’re obviously one of the dopes who give cyclists a bad name, ye clown.

            Fumed? Yes 2 abreast on a country road is really smart. But f*** everyone else, you’re a cyclist.
            Going one third to a half the speed of other vehicles using the same winding low visibility road space is smart. But f*** everyone else…you’re a cyclist.

          2. Vote Rep #1

            2 abreast on a country is quite smart when dealing with bad drivers though I do myself though. If you can’t overtake them when they are two abreast, you don’t have enough room to overtake. No different from overtaking a slow moving car. You have to give enough space. The road is there for everyone after all.

        3. Thepaps

          There is crossing the cycle lane safely , and there is strolling along it. It’s all very poorly designed. But the majority of people are just lazy

          1. Increasing Displacement

            It is very poorly thought out all right

            Like cyclists who are too lazy to slow down or dismount? oh right

      1. Cian

        In fairness, it doesn’t look like a cycle lane in that picture. it looks like a normal lane – painted green.

        I haven’t seen the start of the lane – I’d hope there are bollards to stop cars coming down it.

        1. Bruncvik

          No bollards. At this time, the lane is divided into two cycle lanes, with numerous signs that indicate that those are cycle lanes. In addition, there are traffic signs on each end of the street designating it as one-way, so at least the drivers were breaking traffic law.

  7. Thepaps

    Very negligent to put the toddler in that position. I’m sure they weren’t the only cyclists that were met that day ,but they may have been the least understanding. Parents need to cop on

    1. Owen

      So the cycle lane are only for cyclists that are semi pro? Or over 18? Whats the rule? Please, catch us up.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Negligent? The parents were walking astride their child. This path is deemed recreational space under the Dublin Development Plan. Given the dangers of cars in a housing estates, these paths are the glory of parents teaching their young-uns how to ride. If I were using a cycle path or footpath at speed I would slow down for the leisurely-user in front, like I would in traffic or on a busy street on foot. Go to Mondello if you want to compete at speed.

  8. Vote Rep #1

    Ah, cycle on the road and people complain. Cycle on the cycle lanes and people complain. People will ignore indiscretions by other road users but not with cyclists. Over the weekend I was stood at a traffic light when it went green to cross. At that moment, a car and bus went through with a cyclist shadowing the bus. The person stood beside me ignored the two cars and shouted at the cyclists. It makes no sense.

  9. VinLieger

    Toddler on a tricycle does not belong on a cycle path, simples. The cyclists were dicks but the parents are also super irresponsible and incredibly entitled. Nobody comes out of this looking well

      1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

        Precisely. If everyone would just shurr up the world would be a happier place.

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    Drama aside, from what I see the high performance cyclists refused to slow down for the learner cyclist. The latter has just as much right to be in the cycle lane as they, and it’s not set up for overtaking lanes. Imagine if the same scenario happened between two vehicles on the main road.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’d definitely be on the side of the toddler driving the Nissan Juke.

  11. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    This cyclists vs non cyclists is what I’d feared yesterday’s tattoo thread would become

      1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

        Nah, they’re both equally as boring and repetitive at this stage.

  12. Clampers Outside

    These are public spaces, they are NOT “professional” fitness training cycle paths. They are meant for leisure.
    Those “professionally dressed” cyclists deserve many punctures.

    1. edalicious


      Jerks move around in a variety of different ways, concentrate on the jerk rather than the method conveyance

  13. Rainy Day

    This incident aside I have never lived in a country with such a hostile attitude to cyclists, its bizarre. This if for one day all the cyclists who commute to work decided to take a car each….how busy would the roads be then? Cyclists on the road in the mornings are reducing congestion and keeping the cities / towns moving quicker during rush hour.
    The incident mentioned above,….the cyclists sound like a pair of fools but the parents were completely irresponsible. Would they let their toddler doddle on a road? …of course not but a cycle lane is fair game.

  14. Rafter

    So more than anything the cyclist should’ve at least been careful of a child in their path, regardless. But people really have it in for cyclists don’t they?! I’m a motorist not cycled since I was in school, I constantly see cyclists do stupid things and break traffic laws. I also constantly see motorists do stupid things and break traffic laws, and pedestrians. At the end of the day, I’m encased in metal, so anyone who’s on the road that isn’t deserves my care and attention, whether they’re right or wrong. Careless? Yes. Arrogant? Sometimes. Deserves to die? Hardly.

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