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Camden Street South, Dublin: Summer 2019

Camden Street South, Dublin: May 2020


Westland Row, Dublin: October, 2017


Westland Row, Dublin: May 8, 2020


This afternoon.

Alan Downey writes:

I BIKE Dublin thanks all of our many volunteers for helping create the awareness that has led to upgrades to cycle lanes at Westland Row, Camden Street Upper and Ranelagh village.

Since 2017, we’ve been creating “people-protected cycle lanes” at several locations across the city where people illegally park on cycle lanes.

In the last 3 days (6th May – 8th May), Dublin City Council have carried out quick-build physical segregation at the most popular locations for I BIKE Dublin actions. It’s another success story for I BIKE Dublin and follows previous successful interventions on Andrew’s Street, O’Connell Street, Alfie Byrne Road and Customs House Quay….

In fairness.

I Bike Dublin

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Thanks Alan Bracken

I Bike Dublin supporters attempt to keep the cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2 clear of vehicles yesterday

Irish Cycle writes:

A new group of cycling campaigners, under the name ‘I Bike Dublin’, successfully kept the contra-flow cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street clear for around an hour and a half at rush hour [yesterday] morning.

The lane at St Andrew’s Street is well-known for illegal loading and parking on it, and is an example of chronic inaction by the Gardai and Dublin City Council.

Close to the pre-arranged time to finish the human protection of the cycle lane a truck driver driving a Nightline truck who wanted to park in the cycle lane refused to move and caused a traffic jam back onto Dame Street.

The truck driver would not listen to the cycling group or other motorists who asked him to move on. The cycling campaign group said that other trucks of the same size had passed and there was no issue of blocking the general traffic lane.

The protesters said they moved as it was past the pre-arranged time to finish.

The group has tweeted that it will return to the same location next Tuesday at 4.30pm.

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Pics: I Bike Dublin

The cycle lane at Dollymount Strand, Clontarf, Dublin 3

“Myself and my husband were walking along the promenade last Tuesday morning and my toddler was on his tricycle in the bicycle lane

A couple of very professionally-dressed cyclists came speeding down the bicycle path at lightning speed and began yelling and cursing to get the child off the track.

My child jumped off his bicycle in terror and ran straight out in front of them. My husband literally dived to push [him] into the nearby grass area where it took us several minutes to calm him.

The cyclist continued to shout and yell as he sped on with no regard for the child who had a gash in the side of his stomach from the fall. I shudder to think what could have happened if my partner had not stepped in.”

A letter sent to Dublin City Council and released as part of a Freedom of Information request

Professionally-dressed cyclists’ making Clontarf promenade unsafe, woman claims (Irish Times)

Judith Goldberger writes:

Professionally-dressed cyclists’ making Clontarf promenade unsafe, woman claims
What is a “professionally dressed” cyclist?

They do sound like a right crowd of Eddy Jerckx all the same.
Any ideas who requested the FOI? And why?