The School Of Hard Knocks



Behind the scenes with the pupils of Ballinteer Educate Together on their day of protest against five years of cramped classrooms.

Dudley Colley writes:

A week on from our march on the Dáil and we haven’t heard a peep back. Rude!
Regardless, it was an amazing experience for our kids, and above is a snappy video of their exploits that day.

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3 thoughts on “The School Of Hard Knocks

  1. bisted

    ‘…don’t be our school’…has to be one of the best slogans ever but would only work with Dublin chiselers…

    1. Dudley

      And Serbian. And Indian. And Romanian. And Italian. And American. And South African. And Ukrainian. And Korean. And Polish. And Russian. And countless other nationalities/ethnicities.

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