Dan O’Brien

Dan O’Brien.

The seer of the Indo.

His prophecies are legendary.

 Jeremy Corbyn’s election [to leader of the UK Labour Party] matters much less than the hoopla would suggest: he won’t be leader for very long and will never become prime minister. As he will never get to implement the policies he espouses, he is much less relevant than the British media’s blanket coverage of his every utterance would suggest…

There are many reasons why he will quit or be ousted within a few years. Among the most important is that he will not be able to win over even a decent sized minority of his parliamentary Labour party…

….All this will quickly lead to chaos. Conflicting signals will confuse and frighten voters. Infighting and ineffectiveness will alienate others. Labour’s poll ratings will tank: later if Corbyn gets a novelty-factor bounce; sooner if he doesn’t…

How does he do it?

Corbyn will never win power, but he could still be disastrous for Ireland (Dan O’Brien, Irish Independent, September 17, 2015)

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Dan’s Inferno

Pic via Irish Independent

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36 thoughts on “Nostradanus

  1. bisted

    …the power of the media moguls is a lot less this morning and much of the credit in this country has to go to Dan and the other ballsey guys…

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    It just shows that most political “experts” and pundits are delusional blowhards who engage in specious reasoning and confirmation bias. Why was Corbyn unelectable? Why? Because he had a beard and often went without a tie?

    1. delacaravanio

      I think you’re largely correct in what you say about most right wing media being in a circle jerk, however this is so unprecedented – superfantaabsaloutlamassively unprecedented – even the likes of this bien pensant get a pass. Corbyn could have been replaced by a bag of spuds and it’d still be close.

      This was May’s election to lose. And she did. Spectacularly.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        To be honest, *pops collar and lets shades resting on crown to drop to nose* I’m surprised by the surprise. I always thought a hung parliament was the most likely result. The public have only had 3 weeks or so to realise they’ve been lied to by the right wing media for years. That’s not a long enough time for everyone to come around. The *next* election will be interesting.

      2. petey

        “This was May’s election to lose. And she did. ”

        that too is bien pensant bloviation.

  3. Yowzah

    ah here, anyone who thought Corbyn in Sept15 would last and be as successful as he has been would’ve been laughed off the face of the planet. Even in April17, political analysts would still be ridiculed at that projection.
    UK is going to make Syria like a solid enough country over the next +5 years

    1. AnAccountant

      Why would they have laughed though? I remember a table of pundits laughing at Keith Ellison when he said Donald Trump could win. I remember David Letterman’s replacement, Stephen Colbert derisively laughing at the idea that Trump could win on his show. ‘This potential outcome *feels* ridiculous so it *is* ridiculous’ is not an argument.

      1. noargument

        Your comment is not an argument. Your poor grasp of the English language is not an agument . It is an opinion.

  4. Kdoc

    His opinion comes from the same school that told us during our boom that we would be in for a soft landing.
    Their ‘advice’ lacks even face validity, yet some of them are still hauled on to talk shows to tell the general public how life will pan out.

  5. Charger Salmons

    Jeremy Corbyn is now at the same level of popularity that Gordon Brown was when he lost the first of the three consecutive elections where Labour have been comprehensively defeated.
    Dan is right. Corbyn will never be Prime Minister.

    1. Rob_G


      I think Bodger has over-egged the pudding somewhat. Corbyn certainly did better than many would have expected (against an absolutely abysmal Tories), but it still looks like the Tories are going to form the next government.

      1. Fact Checker

        Corbyn is still not approved of by the majority of the PLP.

        And even if he becomes PM he would never get to implement lots of his preferred policies because of that fact.

        Dan is right on that part. Wrong on the part where he suggested he would be electorally toxic.

        1. Hawkeyed

          Labour have won around 40% of the vote. Remainers were at 48%. Theresa showed how stupid she was by conversing only in clichés and soundbites. The Conservatives had no plan, no vision, nada and they also managed to alienate the greedy old. ( the clutching pearl brigade that voted for Brexit & traditionally vote Conservative) . Corbyn went after the youth vote with the cynical promise of free Uni fees. It was Corbyn’s election to lose .

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Free education is “cynical”. ‘It’s like 10,000 spooooooons, when all you neeeeeeed is a knife’

      2. jungleman

        You conservative types are gas. You’re in complete and utter denial!

        If you would just look at your own statements objectively for a moment you would see that you are regurgitating the same bo£&ocks that has been spouted by Theresa May et al and her band of merry right wing journalists / opinion piece spoofers for the past month.

        Corbyn has cemented his position in Labour and all his adversaries within the parliamentary party will now have to fall into line behind him. If there is another election this year your money would have to be on Labour, primarily because of Corbyn.

        I even saw a comment above to the effect that a Boris Johnson-led Tory party would be much more successful. Are people for real?! He would be a disaster.

  6. Sheik Yahbouti

    Is no-one else sick of ‘Sam, the American Bald Eagle’ prognosticating at us? Buffoon.

      1. Rob_G

        I think he is making fun of the fact that poor Dan has no hair.

        You know – in much the same way as you insult people based on their physical appearance.

        1. anne

          You mean that other bald eagle Noonan.

          Comparing these 2 gowls to bald eagles is an insult to the eagles in all fairness.

        2. Sheik Yahbouti

          Well you thought wrong. I was referring to the character by that name (pompous and censorius) who used to feature in The Muppet Show. Dan always reminds me of him.

  7. rotide

    This is hillarious.

    You are all sneering at a guy for predicting that corbyn wouldn’t be elected.

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