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Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan with the Passport Card

Donal writes:

I have been bouncing my head against the wall with the Online Passport card application as it refuses to accept any of my photos. It just gives the useless error that I am either too close or too far away from the camera!

In frustration I downloaded the sample pic that they provide and tested to see if the system accepted that. And guess what it didn’t!! So the system rejects the very photo they provide as an example!

Any chance you can see if other broadsheet readers are having the same problem? Emails to the Passport Office have thus far gone unanswered.



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    Prob want you to use as Public Services Card [national id card by the back door] as ID. It was not due to come into effect as part of the application process until August.

  2. Donal

    Update: (not that anyone is going to scroll down this far!)
    Went back to the photographer and got another pic and it worked. Really similar to the first one – no idea what the difference is. Anyway good to see that its not a widespread problem

  3. H

    I did mine two weeks ago, I used a phone pic taken by my son, it didn’t work and he had lost interest so I tried using a selfie and it worked fine, despite their advice to the contrary.

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