Sárú Slándála!



This could change gach rud…

The State Examinations Commission is investigating what appears to have been a security breach during the leaving Certificate Irish Higher Level Paper 2.

The exam took place this morning.

Shortly after the exam began the paper was posted on a Facebook forum used by teachers of Irish.

More than 3,000 people are members of the group.

It is closed to other Facebook users, but people can share the information contained in it with others.

Mór as we get it.

Inquiry into potential LC exam security breach (RTÉ)

11 thoughts on “Sárú Slándála!

  1. Barry the Hatchet

    If it was posted after the exam began it won’t have any effect on the outcome, surely?

  2. Jonickal

    A vigilator took a pic of the exam paper and posted it on Facebook during the exam.

    Who gives a toss?

    Of course there has to be a Leaving Cert exam scandal every year to fill the news.

    1. phil

      Have you a list somewhere which describes things I shouldnt give a toss about ? Im always getting it wrong

        1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

          I can send you a screen grab of my browsing history?

  3. paul

    how is there an investigation? They know who posted it, slap on the wrist, don’t be a gobsh*te, off you go.

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