Ahern It On The Grapevine


Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern

Bertie Ahern is interested in running for the Áras if President Michael D Higgins does not seek a second term, according to the former Taoiseach’s brother, Maurice.

In an interview with The Irish Daily Star, the former Dublin Lord Mayor said there is no indication yet as to whether President Higgins will run again in the 2018 election…

Bertie Ahern interested in running for President, says brother (Irish Examiner)

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46 thoughts on “Ahern It On The Grapevine

      1. bisted

        …Squee has demonstrated that he does what he’s told – even when it’s Varadkar doing the telling. He represents one of the last vestiges of a party desperate to avoid oblivion…they’ll have him embalmed and laid out in the Aras…

        1. classter

          By ‘(hopefully) deluded’, I was referring to Ahern.

          I think Squee is dong a fine job as president.

          His role has important constitutional constraints, which he has tested from time to time.

        2. :-Joe

          & unlinke Trotsky, Bertie will end up outside the main entrance in a shiny memorial no doubt…


  1. Frilly Keane

    is he assuming the effers are going to run a candidate next time

    or have they already said they are

    just wondering like

    1. classter

      I’d much rather Bono than Ahern

      There are few people I’d be less happy about than Ahern

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    I called it ages ago. If Michael D doesn’t run, it’ll be Bertie V Jarry V Inda. And if it is, I’m going to run for president myself.

          1. Nigel

            I’m running the leaflets off and have an army of urchins delivering them door to door and flash mobs and RUSSIAN Facebook propagandists ANYTHING TO STOP THIS TERRIBLE FUTURE WE HAVE GLIMPSED.

    1. classter

      I very much dislike the idea of Enda or Gerry as President.

      But Ahern?! The very idea is nauseous.

  3. Mike Oxlong

    “It was a political donation for my personal use.”

    21 February 2008 at the Mahon Tribunal, referring to a £5,000 donation.

    1. classter

      One of the most infuriating anti-Irish comment I heard from my days in London were, ‘Minister for Finance without a bank account.’ *snigger*

      Infuriating ’cause, for once, I could say nothing in return. Ahern is an embarrassment.

  4. Happy Molloy

    Jesus… I always try to empathize with people and this just leaves me wondering, why the hell would you want to put yourself through that? and your family?

    if true, he must see it as a chance of redemption but I think he’s naive, he’ll be slaughtered

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Not naive, deluded.

      Ahern was at the Carlow v Dublin match a few weeks ago. Stewards had to intervene, asking people to tone down their language on account of children etc. He just doesn’t get it. He still thinks it’s just a “minority of cynics and begrudgers”

    2. :-Joe

      I’d love to agree with you but he’s not naive and the biggest problem is that the people as a whole are far more easily manipulated than most of the 60%-ish majority realise.. The flag-waving intellectuals are the worst.


  5. classter

    The idea that Ahern has a fraction of the competence for the job shown (in different ways) by Robinson, McAleese and Higgins is farcical.

  6. Eoin

    Please go away Bertie. It hasn’t been long enough. Give it another five years or so and people will have forgotten how corrupt and incompetent you are. And don’t gimmie any of that Good Friday garbage. That was happening with or without you.

    1. classter

      I think he does deserve credit for the Good Friday Agreement.

      Its just that the other side of the ledger is so blotted with incompetence, greed, sleaze and shame

  7. Steph Pinker

    Bertie: Maurice, let it accidently on purpose slip out dat I’m runnin’ for de Presidency…

    Maurice: But, Bertie, what about de optics?

    Bertie: Oh yea, a d-d-double vodka, tanks.

  8. :-Joe

    The perfect man to represent the way this country is run and for the 60%-ish majority of people who will vote against their own self-interests repeatedly…

    It’ll be great to see him turn out at Croke Park shaking hands and having undemocratic and unelected royals over for dinner. I can’t wait for all the speeches and Montgomery Burns will be the new Taoiseach by then too.

    it’ll be like the good old days when the evil empire were strong…. – I think it was called the gaelic donkey or something?… Anyway, don’t be in the least suprised when it happens…


  9. :-Joe

    On a more optimistic note…

    We should go the way of the Swiss and scrap this “cult of personality” style system between Taoiseach / Uachtarán.

    Pick a group of equal representatives that rotate the leadership responsibilities and it will reduce the problem of concentrated power considerably..


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