Meanwhile, At Lynam’s


Last night.

Eight homeless adults and seven homeless children slept at Lynam’s Hotel on O’Connell Street, Dublin.

The building is currently being turned into a so-called family hub.

Yesterday, Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homlessness, wrote:

Spent the day at Lynam’s whilst in and out of scheduled meetings, [today] will engage with the HSA and Tulsa, alongside Dublin Fire Brigade, in order continue to make sure that this site is not used for family or any other type of habitation.

The pictures tell a story look at the fire panel, would you let your children sleep here? Locks on fire doors, this is a total disgrace. My question is, who authorised its use?



Homeless Families Housed In Building ‘Without Fire Cert’ (98FM)

Why do so many homeless hostels only open at night? (Laoise Neylon, Dublin Inquirer)

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Lynam’s

    1. Rob_G

      If there are emergency exits padlocked, that is a disgrace. But for the rest – a fusebox, a couple of tiny holes in the plaster – these are all things that could be found in any home.

    2. Nigel

      If you’re not at minimum indignant at the sight of a padlocked emergency fire escape in a hotel full of families with exposed wiring then you should indeed shut up sit down and get out of the way, and that’s being kind. Maybe they should draw attention to it by cynically manipulating public attention through sleeping in their cars but that might make people less sympathetic or something. We are messed up, truly.

  1. Yowzah

    yep its totally out of context, that could be the bar with ground floor windows onto street. Still its an outrage. I am outraged.
    Social media seems to be either showing off, or outrage. Back in my day it was all planking…

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The context is that it’s an Emergency Exit that should not be locked. You should be outraged, I know they’re only the fupping dregs and should be grateful for a roof over their heads, even if it is a substandard deathtrap. Still, it’s an emergency exit.

      1. Rob_G

        It’s possible that the the emergency exit is no longer required due to room not being used as a bar any longer.

        Like Yowzah said, context…

        1. Nigel

          A context that is purely speculative at thus point. Even if it is the bar and the bar is not in use, that does not preclude it from being an emergency escape route.

  2. AssPants

    Flipp’n disgrace any parent who would dare have their homeless children sleep in such a building should have the children removed from them and accommodated in a doorway..

    Much safer for them to sleep on the side of the street or in garda cell…. far much safe……..

  3. anne

    A family hub?

    Jaazus why didnt they come up with that name for the tenements.

    A hub for families.

    Wonderful. Just fupping wonderful.

    sickening sh*te.

  4. David Morgan

    I would need plans showing the proposed escape routes before I can get outraged by this. The rest of the pictures are nonsense.

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