‘Completely Committed’


Helen McEntee, new junior minister for European affairs, with her fellow junior ministers following their appointments yesterday afternoon with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, centre

This afternoon.

Further to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s choice of junior ministers yesterday…

Fine Gael has released the following statement:

Fine Gael in Government has done more than any other party before it, in terms of gender equality in politics.

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has maintained the highest number of female Cabinet Ministers in the history of the State – first achieved in July 2014 .

Currently there are four female full Cabinet Ministers, including the Tánaiste, and in addition, a female Super Junior Minister who sits at Cabinet.

Of the 11 Fine Gael female TDs, six are either Ministers of Junior Ministers, including the Super Junior Minister, meaning 55% of Fine Gael female TDs occupy senior Government positions. Of the five Fine Gael female TDs who are not Ministers, four are first-time TDs.

Fine Gael introduced gender quotas cutting funding to political parties if they failed to run at least 30% women candidates at the General Election.

As a result of this, the 2016 election saw 35 women elected to the Dáil. This was the highest number of women ever elected to the Dáil and a 40% increase on 2011.

Fine Gael has more women elected to the Dáil than any other party. However, there is no room for complacency and we continue to work to encourage more women into politics.

Fine Gael ran more female candidates than any other party in the last local elections of 2014. In that election we had the highest number of female candidates ever to feature on a Fine Gael ticket.

The party gave every possible support to these female candidates in their electoral bids, including training and mentoring specific to the challenges faced by women in politics.

Fine Gael is completely committed to increasing the number of women actively participating in politics and will continue to seek to boost the number of women at al levels of the party.


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Statement via Hugh O’Connell

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24 thoughts on “‘Completely Committed’

  1. Jonickal

    The Taoiseach is a gay 2nd generation immigrant. He doesn’t need to do any more virtue signalling.

    1. Nigel

      Just being something is now considered virtue signalling to the alt-right? Is that just so you can attach negative values to the sins of being gay and a 2nd generation immigrant in a way that isn’t directly racist or homophobic? Because if you’re not doing it deliberately, you really haven’t thought it through. When he virute-signalled to the right with his War On Welfare that was a thing that he did, not a thing that he was. I suspect you’re committed to not noticing the difference, but hey, prove me wrong.

        1. Nigel

          ‘Sin’ in this context is my shorthand for Milo treating Varadker being gay as ‘virtue signalling’ in and of itself, so your question should be addressed to him and not I, the ins and outs of what does and doesn’t qualify as virtue signalling being opaque to my perceptions. I note you didn’t remark on whether being a 2nd generation immigrant was a ‘sin,’ though perhaps in this heat you were just too tired to type it out.

          1. jungleman

            I have to hand it to you Nigel, you’re getting better at this game. Not as whiny as you used to be!

    2. ironcorona

      The fact that “The Taoiseach is a gay 2nd generation immigrant” isn’t virtue signalling.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    They should be effin’ committed. In the name o’ Jaysis, when are we going to get honest representation?

  3. Fergus the magic postman

    What they’ve done for gender equality in homelessness is certainly worthy of note. The hospital crisis also seems to be free of gender discrimination.
    Come to think of it the people effected by corruption also seems free of any kind of gender discrimination.

    Class discrimination? Now there’s an area FG could certainly improve, if Leo and company were so inclined, which they are not.

  4. Eoin

    Can we please have more LGBT people in politics? No where near diverse enough. Never mind their ability or policy. Meritocracy is a micro-aggression.

  5. Anomanomanom

    So what powers has this super minister, xray vision, can she fly, run really really fast or is it the power to get more money because of a made up title. Im genuinely asking.

  6. Ron

    He looks like he just won a ‘Best job in the world’ competition and still can’t believe he actually won.

  7. ahjayzis

    Well they did just promote-sack a woman. It’s always been the men who were sacked by promotion before.

  8. Cian

    Out of 158 TDs, 35 are women (22 per cent)

    Out of 50 Fine Gael TDs, 11 are women (22 per cent)

    Out of 33 senior and junior ministers, seven are women (21 per cent)

    Out of 11 Fine Gael ministers, 3 are women (27 per cent)

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