No Bills Or Rent



Property Description:Two Bedroom Small Cabin Accommodation perfect for a Couple in a beautiful farm setting just 5 minutes outside Kells. NO BILLS OR RENT – In return we are looking for a couple to help out on our farm – Female – must be good with children and reliable – approx 10 hours babysitting and house help per week. Good English Essential . Male – must be willing to help out with farm work for approx 10 hours per week – feeding animals – cleaning sheds – garden maintenance etc. Parking for Car and own outdoor space included. One Year Minimum. References Essential. Deposit Required.


Maperath, Kells, Co, Meath (

(Thanks Caoilín Rafferty)

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41 thoughts on “No Bills Or Rent

  1. Frilly Keane

    that’s a ‘van dolled up with cladding

    I’d recognise that Roadmaster upholstery anywhere

    1. scottser

      how did you work that out?
      minimum wage is about a tenner an hour x 10 = 100 bucks or so, that’s 200ish for the pair.

      1. Frilly Keane


        10 hrs x 10 yoyos = 100 per week x 2
        = 200
        *52 = € 10,400
        = € 866.66 per month

        plus probably another 2 bottles a’gas a month €36 each
        and electric – wouldn’t be much but a lot in winter ’cause those ‘vans a curse to keep heat in

  2. Anomanomanom

    The same old moaners at it again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this ad. They want 10hours work a week and will pay with free accommodation with own entrance, so you know exactly how slaves were kept, and no bills. So you basically have the rest of your time to work somewhere else,if you want, and never have to spend a cent on rent.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I haven’t’ forgotten him.
            It was only 3 hours ago, to be fair.

      1. essexhian

        Daisy, it has probably been removed because they found tenants, and I think it is a perfectly good idea. :)

        1. Rowsdower

          Yeah, sounds fine. The only issue is the distribution of the hours, do they need to to work chunks of time at different times of the day, or can you get it all done one hour in the morning and go off to your job.

      2. Anomanomanom

        You’ll have to ask daft that. Could be numerous reasons. But I can’t really see any problems.

  3. Rowsdower

    Half an hour in the mornings before work, half and hour in the evening when you get home?

    Sounds reasonable enough, its not like they’re tricking you into it.

  4. Happy Molloy

    as a culchie in the city and saving for a deposit, I love the thought of getting my hands dirty for free rent. missus might be harder to convince…

  5. Jibjob

    So all couples are heterosexual, the man can beat up kids and be totally unreliable and the woman doesn’t have to do any farm work. A little odd perhaps?

  6. DavidT

    I’ve thought about this for our patch – put a good quality home on it at the other end to ours (or bring your own ’van!) in exchange for one/two people to help with the garden & growing veggies etc. No rent plus share the stuff we grow, hours discussed to each others’ mutual benefit.

    There should be more such opportunities – provided it’s all transparently discussed and agreed.

    Some people just love to pick holes in good ideas.

  7. Soupy Norman

    Live here for free but do some work around the place for an hour or two per day – its not a bad deal if its 10hours per week maximum.

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