4 thoughts on “‘It Might Be Useful To Ask The Central Bank To Have A Look At This’

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Just a thought lads. The nGarrrdaii are paid, as public servants, by thee and me. Ditto the PAC and every ‘politician’ in the land. How much longer are we prepared to tolerate this (very) expensive farce where one cohort of our employees waste time and money refusing to answer legitimate questions from another cohort of our employees? Are we absolutely nuts to sit still for this? I think the answer must be – yes.

      1. Kolmo

        It’s called moral inertia, apparently – those on the inside are benefiting from the disfunction so they are loath to change it – same with the current property catastrophy that is being let fester. How there hasn’t been massive street demonstrations and/or violence is the one and only surprise from any of these contrived contraversies

  1. Kaz

    Well done again broadsheet for outlining the truth , something nearly all media reports left out about the central bank and OLAF.

    Great work , keep telling the truth , its lovely to see for a change

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