‘A Bank Account In Dublin Under The Control Of A Former Senior Garda Officer’


From top: Head of Internal Audit at An Garda Siochana Niall Kelly; Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy

In the last 30 minutes.

During the closing stages of today’s meeting of the Public Accounts Committee.

Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy had the following exchange with head of internal audit Niall Kelly in relation to the Garda College, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

Catherine Murphy: “Obviously, you’re going to come back to us, Mr Kelly, in relation, to the number of bank accounts, and you’re looking at that at the moment and you probably were looking, and I’m not sure whether it’s yourself, or Mr [Chief Administration Officer Joseph] Nugent, who would have been, when the bank accounts were being closed, if anything was discovered.

Can I just ask you, very specifically, if there’s any indication of any Templemore monies being sent to a bank account in Dublin under the control of a former senior Garda officer and whether or not you’re carrying out a specific investigation in relation to that or anything of that nature?”

Niall Kelly: “Chair, I’d rather not answer that question because it’s the subject of audit…”

Talk over each other

Murphy: “But there is an audit?”

Kelly: “There is an audit.”

Murphy: “Of that nature?”

Kelly:There are some issues that you touched on that could be issues within our audit.”

G’wan the Catherine.

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13 thoughts on “‘A Bank Account In Dublin Under The Control Of A Former Senior Garda Officer’

    1. realPolithicks

      If it wasn’t for her and other like minded independents such as Clare Daly none of this kind of corruption would ever see the light of day. Fair play to them.

  1. Mourinho

    I have a suggestion.

    Can we legislate, that anyone convicted of fraud or corruption against the state loses their state pension?

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