28 thoughts on “Turned Out Nice

  1. Henry Woods

    I never knew something as pure and natural as a rainbow could be contorted and grotesqued in such excruciating manners.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I disagree
      It’s all just out of this world
      and it has everything a Sunny Saturday should be filled with
      Contribution and effort

      I’m sorry I didn’t join in

      and if I’m about next year

      I’m going
      I’m loud and proud anyway

      with sheila

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Now that’s the Frilly I was looking for. Can ya add peace and love to the list,

        1. Frilly Keane

          They’re your words Johnny Peace Man

          And I never had any intention of appealing and pandering to you, or anyone else
          Grand, some like my stuff; most hate it – either way, it doesn’t influence what I do next

          See, I do my own thing
          And stand over it and with it

          I don’t wait for a consensus to form
          Or a majority opinion to develop
          Or a trend to happen
          I don’t go with the flow and I’ll never look for the easy road before I throw my spoke in

          You see Johnny Peace Man, I do my own thing all the time
          And when Frill-Bits were weekly here
          I never came out with the same rant week in week out
          I was never predictable, or samie
          and that’s unlikely to change; even if Johnny Peace Man himself is looking for it

          And just remember bhoy, you opened up on Dail Prayers over a year after I did, and that makes you a follower

          But if that’s what qualifies as Advant Garde
          Then note indelibly bhoy : I’m delighted you and Johnny eile maintain the “mad Gah head” opinion of me ’cause it means I’m as far apart from the pair of ye as the Offaly Bogs are to the Haerwusu Coal Mine

          1. Johnny Keenan


            Aw that’s unfortunate you’d think that. I do find myself over the last few weeks embracing my inner socialist so maybe I like the idea of a utopian society. I Need to check myself.

            Frilly yer obviously a trailblazer. Bring back yer ‘Frilly Bits’.
            I will follow whatever makes sense and cents. In that order.

            I can only answer the questions that’s put to me. If I reiterate a point it’s because I believe it’s worth saying a second or third time. As a citizen of the country I see a lot of serious news swept under the carpet. the establishment and their cronies in the media are happy in the ‘notion’ that Irish people have the memory of a goldfish.
            I don’t know anything about the live stream comments. I never get to see them. I think if ya have questions and topics for discussion maybe submit them.
            Ps don’t be trying to disassociate yerself from the ga now that uibhfhailí are going to whack the Dèise out of ye.

          2. Frilly Keane

            you’re some man to be calling anyone predicable

            and my FrillyBits haven’t gone anywhere
            unless you have inside info that I don’t

            But why you would be under the impression that I would ever disassociate myself from the GAA is delusional
            In good days or bad
            I’ll never change my colours, GAA people don’t
            you clearly know nothing of us

            and for your the sake of your trap, only, ’cause you had an absolute howler last night (Johnny Broadsheet can update you)
            while I can’t see Ubhaille whacking much (other than themselves) this year
            or next
            it certainly won’t be the Deise bhiys
            and on that matter
            we’ve already whacked the Blahs into the scenic route

            see ye on the 8th

          3. Johnny Keenan

            Listen this website ain’t easy to navigate around.
            I don’t have any interaction with John or any admin team. I get on give my opinion and if I get feedback it’s usually on here. So if I had howler pleas tell me more so I can take it on board.

    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      Oh Henry, you don’t mean that. People are who they are, and there is a strange and magnificent sort of beauty in that.

  2. Henry Woods

    I had to splash my screen with holy water when I originally clicked this article.
    It’s a natural reaction. Like rainbows are naturally formed.
    I was born this way. I’m a proud supporter of Singularity.
    Not this LGBTQWERTY movement.
    Each colour of their rainbow represents a creeping entity.
    It will turn to back to black with the white of day.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      The thing that disturbs me most is the grotesque characatures of women – absolutely hideous mostly. The distaff side is very tolerant.

    2. Nigel

      Yeah, when you’re splashing holy water on a computer you are definitely in the realm of the natural. Another natural thing is that rainbows generally occur in the white of day and do not turn black. There. Now you’ve been naturesplained AND rainbowsplained.

  3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Why is everything in this country so derivative. Let’s not forget the star of the show – Mr Homeless-on-Trolleys Varadkar.


    Here’s the real gay pride – Pansy Division:

    Play Fugazi, play Repeater
    River Phoenix wearing speedos
    Yeah, Queer! Queer!

  4. gay@memes (not really)

    The weather could have been slightly better, but it didn’t matter.
    I saw more smiling faces today than all the other days of this year put together.
    No drunks. No nuisances.

    Does anybody know how to turn yourself Gay?

  5. Chris

    Ok guys now you’ve had your referendum come and support us, legalize marijuana! Green Pride?!? Come on, I voted for your rights, little help? Sigh, you’ve all gone quite mainstream all of a sudden.

    1. St. John Smythe

      eh, ?? it wasn’t a flipping trade off

      we straights gifted you gays equal rights, now its time to do something for us

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