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Further scenes and people from the sun-soaked Gay Pride Parade through Dublin south city centre by James Chimney (more at link below).

Gay pride 2018 (James Chimney)


There’s always one.

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A brick duct (top) taped with the Irish words for ‘Fairies Out Of Ireland’ thrown through the window of Panti Bar (above), Capel Street, Dublin 1 run by Miss Panti

Fluffy Biscuits writes:

Pride takes place in Dublin this weekend where the LGBT and their allies will descend in Dublin en masse to shake nipple tassels and dance to great cheesy house music but there is a bigger point here.

There is a massive gulf in my opinion of ten years ago and to now. Ten years ago I was never fully comfortable in myself

I was 25 and Pride made me feel insecure. Upon reflection it was an affront to my masculinity, to my sense of self identity. What worried me most was that it was going to reinforce stereotypes that are so prevalent but it was not these people who were reinforcing the stereotypes it was society themselves and this shone a light on my own prejudices.

Pride does conjure up an image of pissed twinks in hot pants downing naggins of Huzzar (indeed I see that myself ) yet these people know they are safe in the knowledge that society is not going to harm them for enjoying life in a way that is not afforded to our LGBT brethern in Russia, China or parts of Africa or the Middle East where consensual sex with a same sex partner carries a death penalty.

Gay pride had its origins in the oppression of LGBT people by establishment forces which culminated in Stonewall on June 28 in 1969 in Greenwich village in New York. Police harassed drag queens and gay men and lined them up against a wall.

Standing up for people of the future, they fought back. Over the next week riots erupted and fights with police. Adopting tactics of other groups at the time like the Black Panthers, the LGBT community laid a keystone for future fights.

Back to 2018. Five minutes before I sit down to write this I see the news that someone put the window in on Panti Bar with the words “Fairies out of Ireland” written in Irish.

My mind harks back to the article during the week of the gay couple beaten up in Portlaoise for being gay. Lest we forget Declan Flynn, murdered for being gay in September 1982 for being gay.

Nine years ago I was kissing a guy outside The George as I was on a date. Walking past a group of lads began to film me and labelled us as “freaks”.

I didn’t take too kindly to the comments and the poor lad suffered the indignity of having a six foot two guy with a shaved head and beer belly round on him to the point that he fell to the ground.

Pride is not without its issues. Nothing is perfect ever in this short existence we live. Pride personally for me is not something I am into as I am quite happy about how I am and I reach out on a personal level to people not out. (The crowds tend to wreck my head as well, but that’s the same for Paddys Day too, I cant be arsed!).

The second issue is the commercialisation of the Pride parade. There are employers on that list of sponsors who I know treat their employees like shit, would they be as quick to engage with a union as they would with employees about gay pride?

However you enjoy Pride. Have a safe one. Big old me will be at the bear night tomorrow seeking out other big chubby hairy men to cuddle up to!

Top pic via Panti Bliss

Panti Bar pic by Ultan Mashup

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Pride (in The Name Of  Chat)

For the week that’s in it.

For your consideration.

If Gay People Spoke About Straight People The Way Straight People Speak About Gay People.

By Jonny Harvey


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Yesterday evening.

Dublin Castle, Dublin  2

A celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of Decriminalisation of Homosexuality featuring Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar playing with the Dublin Ukuleje Collective.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

In fairness.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.03.17Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.06.40

The window of Daintree Paper on Camden Street, Dublin 2

Zita Spring writes:

Just wanted to throw some love in the direction of Daintree Paper on Camden St, now under new management.

Former owner […] Paul Barnes generated negative publicity for Daintree last year because he refused to sell “any merchandise that promotes same-sex marriage” because of his Catholic beliefs. Barnes announced that he was selling the business a few months after that.

Now under new management, Daintree posted these pictures to their FB page this evening. The sample invites in the window display are for same-sex civil partnership ceremonies. Nice. I’m not affiliated with the shop, just really pleased to see this!

Daintree Paper (Facebook)

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From Amnesty International (NZ):

Last week, activists in Uganda held their first Gay Pride. In a country where homosexuality is punishable by death, this was incredibly brave, and is a huge step forward for human rights.


Amnesty International (Facebook)