17 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Sam

    €44,000 fine for not filling out a census form with all your personal details.
    Meanwhile, the government can refuse to disclose all types of information very important to a functioning society…

    1. Jocky

      They’ve been summonsed and yes there should be consequences for not engaging with a census. Your counterpoint is irrelevant.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    Why is the huge ransom ware attack not featuring more? I mean they had to monitor radiation levels in Chernobyl manually as a result I heard…

    Also the Google story is under reported…

  3. paul

    Pat Hickey attempts to block reports release as it might affect his trial in Brazil? Yeah, the report that will rightly drop him in the sh*t.

          1. paul

            I do hope the video evidence is admissible. Pat hid, wife lied to cover, Pat then emerged as a ‘confused and doddering old man’. Granted the third point is largely irrelevant, I hope the first and seconds points stick.

            He’s representative of a part of Ireland that needs to vanish; open, obvious, stupid corruption.

  4. Happy Molloy

    A rare gem of a quote from Enda Kenny :-)

    Enda Kenny: #Brexit tip to UK
    “Generally you’ve got a better chance of getting some of what you want,if you know what you want.”

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