I Want To Ride My Bicycle


I Bike Dublin supporters attempt to keep the cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2 clear of vehicles yesterday

Irish Cycle writes:

A new group of cycling campaigners, under the name ‘I Bike Dublin’, successfully kept the contra-flow cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street clear for around an hour and a half at rush hour [yesterday] morning.

The lane at St Andrew’s Street is well-known for illegal loading and parking on it, and is an example of chronic inaction by the Gardai and Dublin City Council.

Close to the pre-arranged time to finish the human protection of the cycle lane a truck driver driving a Nightline truck who wanted to park in the cycle lane refused to move and caused a traffic jam back onto Dame Street.

The truck driver would not listen to the cycling group or other motorists who asked him to move on. The cycling campaign group said that other trucks of the same size had passed and there was no issue of blocking the general traffic lane.

The protesters said they moved as it was past the pre-arranged time to finish.

The group has tweeted that it will return to the same location next Tuesday at 4.30pm.

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Pics: I Bike Dublin

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46 thoughts on “I Want To Ride My Bicycle

  1. Rowsdower

    Delivery Trucks and Vans park where they want apparently, they just throw the hazard lights on and off they go.

  2. Cacamils

    Brilliant. Thursday mornings all lethal in town when all the pubs get their kegs delivered. Well done lads.

    1. TheQ47

      Nope. They’re bikes, and are on the cycle lane, inside the double yellow line, so not illegally parked.

      1. Ronán FitzGerald

        The wheels on the second photo clearly show they are on the yellow line, therefore illegally parked.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          The wheels on the second photo clearly show they are adjacent to the yellow line, therefore not illegally parked.

          If it bothers you that much, send the picture to the Gardai and/or the CoCo to see if they’ll issue a summons.

          1. Ronán FitzGerald

            By that logic the night line van is not on the yellow lines, merely straddling them…

          2. Nigel

            The logic is the bicycle is not on the lines and on a cycle lane, while the lorry is on both, and I guess it speaks volumes that you think it’s logical to assert that the position of the cyclist is should mean some sort of tacit permission for the position of the lorry.

          3. Ronán FitzGerald

            “to assert that the position of the cyclist is should mean some sort of tacit permission for the position of the lorry.”??

            The cycle is not in the lane, should go to specsavers…

          4. Nigel

            Well they’re not on the lines either so if you want to make a citizen’s arrest I’m not sure what you’d charge them with, other than knowing the difference between being beside something and being on something. and how this is unfair to van drivers who want to illegally block cycle lanes.

          5. manolo

            They discussed the plan with members of the Gardai before the event. That’s a raised lane, so technically they are on the path actually.

        2. jimi

          as long as they aren’t leaving the bikes then they have stopped not parked, which is legal.

          You can stop on a yellow line if you have to for safety or emergency reasons (you can’t stop at all on Red lines)

          however you’re not allowed to park, say if you pull up in a truck, plonk it on the side of the road and start wandering around looking for a manager to sign the invoice, thats illegal.

          1. Ronán FitzGerald

            on a single yellow line, not a double… check your copy of the rules of the r… oh wait! your a cyclist so you don’t have one!

          2. edalicious


            I bet you’re the type that gives out about cyclists not cycling in cycle lanes when they’re available too.

          3. Ronán FitzGerald

            @edalicious Yes, that’s what they are there for… as you would give out about pedestrians walking on cycle lanes….

          4. Nigel

            Most people would give out about the illegally parked vehicles blocking the cycle lane or the footpath forcing the cyclists onto the road or the pedestrians onto the cycle path.

          5. Vote Rep #1

            I am impressed by the creativity in trying to find a reason as to why the cyclists here are wrong.

    2. gerry

      Show us the regulation that says double yellow lines apply to a bicycle. Or better yet a person holding a bicycle.

  3. nellyb

    it’s sad there is no distinction made between illegal moves of private cars and commercial vans. Vans are a workplace and they have deadlines – swerve around and be on your way, bigger man, like. But private cars in illegal situations are fair game, you can eat drivers’ faces off. If this is what tickles you.

    1. ahjayzis

      Oh yes, private business deadlines trump everything. They should take the footpath up too, I’ll just detour and be late to my work at… a private business.

      We should just let lorries park in the middle of the road – they have DEADLINES!!one111!!! the other drivers can just use another road :o)

      Maybe in the way of a gate of a hospital either, since no one hurrying to get in there is actually on a BUSINESS deadline.

    2. Rob_G

      I disagree. If there are insufficient loading bays, the companies concerned need to get in touch with DCC and get some new ones allocated, not park wherever they feel like.

    3. gerry

      Why would a truck of that size be delivering to that location? This is a fleet management issue.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Swerve around” is the problem. Delivery vans with their “park anywhere” lights on cause traffic chaos, not just for cyclists. They have loading bays, why don’t they use them?

    1. Operatick

      +1 And it’s not just ‘traffic chaos’, its bloody dangerous! They force cyclists into the main flow of traffic increasing the risk of being taken out by a car or truck etc.

    2. Turgenev

      Has anyone seen “loading bays” regularly used for loading? The only loading happening in them is often drivers loading up on breakfast while leaving their vans there.

      Dublin City really needs to make a place where tour buses can load up their passengers and offload them and go about their business without blocking pavements, bicycle lanes or streets.

  5. Darren

    While I support the premise of this, I can’t think of what else truck drivers are to do in the morning around this area? I’d say the only thing would be to insist that all deliveries are made before say 07:30. That would have it’s own problems though.

  6. Gay Tea Shop

    Of course if Noirin O’Sullivans boys and girls did their jobs…. I suppose they’re busy though looking for her phone.

  7. Kdoc1

    Large trucks in the city centre are a danger to cyclists and pedestrians. Deliveries should be done either early in the morning – before shop opening hours – or late in the evening – after shop closing hours.

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