12 thoughts on “Were U There 2?

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Squeeze played at the 1985 Croke Park gig. The supports for this were Light A Big Fire, Lou Reed and The Pogues (plus Dubliners for a bit IIRC)

  1. Shomer

    Squeeze opened in ’85. It was The Pogues, Pretenders, Lou Reed, Dubliners, Light a big fire, Christy Moore and Hot House Flowers in ’87

    1. martco

      Light A Big Fire….Mr Twilight? a decent era for Irish music, surprised more didn’t “make it” in the end

      Croker 86 was far better imo…Waterboys, Lloyd Cole & Jim Kerr in his pomp and Bono as guest & accompanied by an amazing special effects display which turned out to be actual lightening forking across the sky overhead

      ah jasus has me thinking back to trip to tipp ffs great times no ipads!

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I wasn’t allowed go to it so listened to it from my back garden. Crystal clear. UP YOURS, 80s MUM & DAD.

  2. dylad

    Some film crew from ITV’s ‘World in Action’ came to our school a few days before this gig- it being the alma mater of U2. I guess they thought we would give them some insight into modern Ireland and the issues concerning the youth of today. Anyway, they interviewed us, and perhaps decided we were were either too boring or begrudging to make the final cut. I see they put some nordies in it though, I guess to make it a bid edgy. We got free tickets; it wasn’t a brilliant gig but had my first flagon of autumn gold.


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