‘I Will Be Proven Innocent’


This morning.

On Newstalk FM.

Paul Williams broadcast a pre-recorded interview with the former former president of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) (above) after the OCI claimed the ticketing scandal, and Mr Hickey’s arrest, has cost the OCI €1.5million to date (top).

In the interview, Mr Hickey outlines what €763,000 of that €1.5million has been spent on, while he’s scathing of how the Minister for Sport Shane Ross and the Irish Government handled, or didn’t handle, his arrest.

In addition, Mr Hickey admits that he has tried to block the publication of the Government’s report into the controversy – by Justice Carroll Moran – which was given to Mr Ross on June 12. Mr Ross has given the report to the Attorney General and is awaiting his advice in regards to publishing it.

Mr Hickey said:

“I saw a draft of the report and my legal team have advised Judge Moran and the minister and the attorney general that this report should not be published until after the court case is heard in Rio. Because anything coming out of it could prejudice my fair trial but even worse still any media reports can also be used by the prosecutor in Brazil against me in the case.”

From the interview…

“I would like to, first of all, say to you Paul that I cannot go into the actual court case in Rio because the case is still in front of the courts so we’re forbidden to go into detail on that but I would be very happy to answer what you said there. The impression has been given that, in the media, that I was the cause of a spend of €1.5million by the OCI [Olympic Council of Ireland].

“Now I can categorically tell you that is not the case because I have been able to check figures and what I’m aware of is as follows, how that €1.5million is made up: the Olympic Council of Ireland got legal advice from Arthur Cox and Co solicitors, which cost them €400,000; they embarked on the Grant Thornton report which cost €214,000; they employed a technology company Espion which was nearly €40,000; they engaged with the Communications Clinic which was €80,000; and the report from Deloitte’s which was €18,000; and Wilson Hartnell, WHPR, €11,000. And that’s the bulk [€763,000] of that €1.5million.”

“Now I can tell you that my legal costs today in Brazil amount to €280,000 and there is an insurance policy in place, that I put in place, over 15 years ago. It’s called directors and officers’ liability and it’s particularly for the something like what happened to me.

“The cover on that policy is €1million, that’s the cap on it so my fees have been taken out of that €1million.

“And can I say, in addition to that, before I left Dublin on the plane for Rio, I left the OCI in a very clean state of health. There was €3million surplus in the bank and a property out in Howth that’s valued at €3million.

“Now I’d like to just emphasise that I am totally innocent of all these charges and I will be proven innocent and my legal team in Brazil are working flat out.”

Listen back to the interview in full here

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36 thoughts on “‘I Will Be Proven Innocent’

  1. missred

    Paul Williams and Pat Hickey. Two voices I’d rather not hear speaking on their own, and yet here they are together. Is there enough space in the room for their egos?

  2. dav

    Any questions on how the families of our Olympic athletes were unable to obtain tickets for their own family members events from the Irish allocation of tickets?? Eh?

      1. dav

        Our atheletes in some cases had to get their own accommodation without support from an Olympic council that can give free EXTRA 1st class accommodation to non board members..

        1. Rugbyfan

          agree dav, a person trains hard and sacrafices so much to be an Olympian, they qualify to compete on a huge stage, then have to scramble, claw and probably have to pay out of their own pockets to get tickets for the people that helped get them there.
          Once again nothing will change, accountability will come to nothing and the merry-go-round will keep turning.

  3. vox

    This creep has the nerve to say the government did nothing………we through the government ( ie taxes) are paying for his outrageous legal and other expenses…….sickening waste of public money paid to the usual top feeders in this greedy kip. Send him back to Brazil fast.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The government did not “do nothing”….they produced an investigative report into the allegations, ha!

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Garda Williams is on the job! Tricky Hickey is innocent so there’s no need to send him back to Rio for a trial.

  5. Mourning Ireland

    “they engaged with the Communications Clinic which was €80,000; ”

    Up next. Marian Mespil Roads Flats Finucane in support.

  6. spudnick

    Hickey is one of those lads – like Trump – who have no concept of personal shame or embarrassment. Pointing out inconsistencies in what they’re saying is useless – it may work on normal people who have a sense of personal responsibility, but not sociopaths like this guy. The only thing you can do is shout their (alleged) misdeeds as loud as you can and be the louder message, rather than trying to engage.

  7. phil

    Pat seems confident, Im sure he will demonstrate his confidence by flying back to RiO for the trial/sentencing…

    Will that insurance fun pay out if he is found guilty ?

  8. VinLieger

    Only reason Paul Williams took the interview is cus no real journalist would have agreed to Hickey’s stipulations, IE Paul is only allowed ask the questions Hickeys lawyers gave him

  9. Optimus Grime

    Does anyone else think the “insurance” policy is a bit off? What was the thinking behind it? We put this in place so that if we ever get caught someone else will foot the bill?

  10. Anomanomanom

    Just out of curiosity, as anybody on here got any proof he did do something illegal. I personally think he did but opinions are not facts.

  11. Owen

    30 years in the OCI and not one athlete has come out in his defense. That says it all to me.

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