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Jaded House Hunter writes:

At least Conerney Estate Agents are “delighted” to present this sad room for €800 per month, because the rest of us certainly aren’t!! For them to use the words ‘fabulous’ and ‘pristine’ to describe this room is nothing short of disgraceful!

Kenilworth Park, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6w (Daft)

39 thoughts on “‘Delightful’

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    How are you going to make your croquembouche when the chair blocks the oven???
    Does nobody think anything through these days?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      I would prefer if we could go with “croque-en-bouche”. Please. And thank you.

  2. Brother Barnabas


    Two exclamation marks is a clear sign that the person writing it is cringing. So he’s not all that bad,

    1. Clampers Outside

      Abd four pics of the one room, what secrets could be missed in thus boutique room with original old world fireplace and beautiful hardwood floors…. a hipsters dream, finding an old penny in the cracks of the floor… Maybe…

  3. goodgowls

    I live in the area and have a full 1 bedroom apt for rent for 900pm. this property price isn’t due to demand, just chancers

  4. Niamh

    I have seen this advertised before, when I was room-hunting two years ago. I meditated on it a moment, then concluded that if this is all I could expect from adult life in exchange for 40 hours of labour per week, I’d seriously consider a long walk off a short bridge instead. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with severe depression and wound up in my parents’ box room anyway. Amused to see the Room of Doom is back on the market again.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    What kind of income would a single person need to afford paying €800 in rent per month? Above industrial wage anyway, right? That’s a miserable state of affairs if so.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        €200 a week?

        Industrial wage is €35,000 a year – which is around €675 a week.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Is it? Do you get 2,700 a month for 35k? Sounds too much to me. Oh, you mean gross. That’s GROSS, man.

          I only got a A in pass maths, despite my claims to be a borderline genius.

        2. Cian

          €35,000 a year for a single person is €2,385.00/month €550.00/week (after tax).
          €800 rent is 33% [which seems to be the max you should be spending on rent]

          Minimum wage of €9.25 x 37.50 hour week x 52 weeks = ~€18,000.
          €18,000 a year for a single person is €1,458/month 336.00/week (after tax).
          €800 rent is 55%

          1. gerry

            Median wage is more relevant than average. Median wage after tax is €2,020.00.
            €800 is a very large chunk of this to be spending on rent and someone on this wage will not be able to save a deposit for a house or be granted a mortgage on their own.

  6. ahjayzis

    Eh, it looks like they subdivided a room with a wall that stops about a quarter of a metre short of the ceiling?

    Cozy with added neighbourly sex noises and fire trappitude. Fabliss.

  7. Anomanomanom

    Its shocking they can actually charged 800. But iv seen much much worse, which tells you how bad things have gotten.

  8. nellyb

    I’ve viewed rentals around there many moons ago. Outside is lovely and green, public transport walking distance. But once the front door is open – there squalor of unrenovated old building, sullied shiny fleur de lis carpets, 100 year old smells and dubious wiring… Did see a ‘lower ground floor’ apartment at the corner of that very square, it was renovated with lots of mirrors on the walls due to lack of light. But hey, it was georgian!

  9. Diddy

    How long, how long must we sing this song?

    Tom Parlon was on rte moaning about construction costs and how the builders couldn’t throw up a few decent apartments for less then €500k a unit.

    What is the point of working in Dublin unless your earning €70k plus?

    1. ahjayzis

      That Parlon survived in that job from boom through bust and back to boom tells you everything you need to know about CIF.

      Don’t believe a single word they say. If the developers are turning their nose up at a non-Celtic Tiger level of profit, the state has to step in and they can go out of business.

  10. Poordessie

    Crazy. €200 more than my mortgage per month for a 5 bedroom detached house on half an acre in New Ross. GET OUT OF DUBLIN! (if you can)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I bloody wish I could. My rent is going up €500 minimum in the next month or so as we have to move.
      FIVE HUNDRED QUID: same area, same sized gaff.

  11. anne

    I bought something on donedeal recently from a girl who was leaving ireland and moving back home.

    She was living in a converted garage at the side of a house, where she had no living room. You walked straight into a little kitchenette, with a small table & chair. She said she ended up in bed all the time. 800 a month for that damp poo hole also.

    I happen to see the owners & gave them a snarl for a hello.

    Why the fupp is anyone “delighted” to present this squalor?

  12. Sheik Yahbouti

    Undoubtedly a room to wonder “what has happened in my life, and where did I go wrong”? Effing disgraceful at that price.

  13. Janet, I ate my avatar

    hang on the wall doesn’t even go up to the roof
    it’s not a room it’s a partition

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