Meanwhile, At Buswells Hotel


Right now.

Solidarity are hosting a press conference, in light of yesterday’s verdict in regards to the Jobstown trial, at the Buswells Hotel on Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.

It’s streaming live on the Facebook link above or here.

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Buswells Hotel

  1. Declan

    I know I’m going to be called a troll for this but is there such a thing as a picture of Paul Murphy where he doesn’t look like he’s just being slapped – it’s just if there is a media bias against him and the whatever name they’re called now it’s where every picture makes him out to be a knob

      1. Declan

        They had none because that wasn’t in question.

        I am actually being serious though, every photo I see of him is typically with him and his mouth open or eyes sort of bulging. It’s sort of like the way people used to use unflattering photo’s of Brian Cowen.

    1. Eoin

      He nearly got slapped with a trumped up kidnapping charge. I’d be pretty beetroot faced if it happened to me.

      1. Declan

        Well no because in that case he should be fairly happy with himself having dodged it – he doesn’t look happy in that photo.

        1. Topsy

          Dec, how about putting up a pic if your own smug mug I’m sure your a beaut.
          BTW he didn’t dodge anything, I believe he was found not guilty of any “trumped up” charge.

          1. Declan

            I’m not being smug I’m just saying that image means something and some politicians get more flack for it because they’re women, over weight, voice, etc.

            Most pictures I see of him are unfavourable and that’s a choice by somebody, this is the worst from the journal

            This is why Paul Murphy paid his €1,150 property tax bill

          2. Happy Molloy

            It seems to be prevalent in most forms of media to show less than flattering pictures of politicians. Especially sites like this and the journal, draws a lot of “the state of him” type comments.

            If there’s 9 where they look grand and 1 where they look like an eejit, they’ll pic the eejit one

          3. Happy Molloy

            He really didn’t!

            Cowen suffered too. It started with Bertie but was more good natured back then because we were rich, ignorant, and happy.

            Leo cuts a fine figure so they haven’t much on him yet but they’ll get there

  2. dav

    The anger of the right wing establishment over their failure to lock up innocent men is most amusing.

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