Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)


Will you stay up?

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10.45 streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube channel.

Join our panel of real people as we dissect the stories of the week without fear, favour and, in some cases, proper lighting.

Any requests, shout outs, applications to participate and suggestions to marked ‘Telly’.

Thanks all

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56 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)

          1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

            Johnny…. we’re sorry… that we slagged your home

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Frilly are we going to eventually see you or are you going to distract from real serious issues?

    1. Frilly Keane

      tell ya what Johnny Peace Man

      you mind your own poo
      and let me mind mine
      and the next time you think you’re getting away with calling lone parents “unmarried mothers”

      Think again

      1. anne

        D’ya heeear da der Johnny.. you’re not getting away with dat ‘gain..or you kin chink ‘gain.. n be mind’in ur own poo peace man.

        Now you’ve been put firmly in your place peace man. lol

      2. Johnny Keenan

        Your attention to detail is of the highest level Frilly. So I’m sure you can understand exactly what I meant. My mission is to open up the big issues not to make light of them. Join in and together we can change the country and ultimately the world.
        Information is Knowledge
        Knowledge is Power
        Power To The Peaceful!

        For all my other friends and foes I’m delighted to have a roof over my head considering the current situation that most of our brothers and sisters find themselves in.

        See ye tonight!
        Peace Man!

          1. Johnny Keenan

            No! but they are 2 months away from it.

            People with good paid jobs can’t get affordable accommodation. People are asked to share a room and A BED with complete strangers for €800 a month. And they can’t live there at weekends.
            Students down the country are working all summer to pay for a flat in Dublin that they are not living in. Because if they give it up they will have no accommodation in September.
            That’s the reality.

        1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

          “This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader.
          And all the grown-ups will say,
          “But why are the kids crying?”
          And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead!
          The People’s Poet is dead!”

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Oh yeah the snotty deluded leftie.
            Rik Mayll a real comedy genius. Different time different artist. They certainly planted the seeds of our ongoing cultural revolution though

          2. Johnny Keenan

            Would you believe i have rebel blood running through my veins Frilly.
            I only appreciate Kilkenny because they are a class act and as a purist one has to respect their hurling.
            The Cats always get the cream. Hope Waterford bring a game. Dublin could over turn Tipp.

            Still, looking forward to Cork pull off a few more surprises in the championship. Diarmuod O’Sullivan on the line is like having Keane. Shur to inspire motivate and intimidate. Pure Cork, like!
            That’s sport. ‘sport mirrors society’ Pat Spillane.

          3. Johnny Keenan

            Feeling the love ;);):)()(€:;)46€:4€€,/::(&& or what ever yer name is

    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      I am thoroughly enjoying your little feud. Almost as much as I enjoy Shayna’s stories. Almost.

      Her stories are gold.

      1. Lush

        With you there Ms Meadowlark.
        Can’t quite decide.
        I think there’s a lot of bluster between Frilly and Mr K.
        They’re dancing round one another.
        Shayna, she’s gold. It’s from the heart.

          1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

            Not to mention a wild-eyed loner standing at the gates of oblivion….

          2. Johnny Keenan

            Bertie I actually only have eye sight in one but its squeegeed clean. Oblivion sounds bad. Still that’s one way to describe Foxrock I suppose.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I shall send you a burst of weather that doesn’t quite know what its about. Something that feels humid but also has a surprisingly chilly breeze and a day that is neither cloudy nor sunny precisely and threatens the odd patch of drizzle.

      Hows that fer ya jan?

  2. rickin, rockin,rollin'etc.@sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    But hey…~Johnny Haircut/Whiteshirt etc.
    If you want to censor me, watch this…

    Thank you for not making me suffer that Garda apologist and protagonist ever again.*
    You know the one… He talks through his nose and tries to agree with everyone., but he c^nt…
    Yeah, him…You know. the one.

    I have better stuff to do be do be do.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    All the same, those Germans really know how to protest. Imagine what our shower would make of it!

  4. hubbabubba@sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I’m in love again.

    I don’t think her husband can read, so yeah…
    I think he’s stupid.
    He’s way bigger than me, except in the underpants department..
    – How can I ever tell her that? She already knows.

    It’s a curse.

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