‘As Constant In Your Newspaper As The Angelus’


Noel Whelan 

Noel Whelan’s article “Far left’s high profile contrasts sharply with modest electoral reach” describes the Solidarity-PBP grouping as minnows.

The Labour Party has seven seats to Solidarity-PBP’s six. If we combine, as Mr Whelan does in his article, Solidarity-PBP’s seats with those of the Independents 4 Change grouping and other left-wing TDs, the left comfortably outnumbers Labour.

Yet Noel Whelan does not call Labour small fish or “fringe deputies”.

The thuddingly dull comparison between Donald Trump and the left, as constant in your newspaper as the Angelus, on the basis of criticism of the mainstream media, is fatuous.

It should not need to be said that the basis and method of the left’s critique of certain sections of the media differs ever so slightly from Mr Trump’s lying, egomaniacal Twitter outbursts against CNN.

Your columnist manages class snobbery and reverse class snobbery in the one paragraph, suggesting that the kind of people who vote left are not natural Irish Times readers and, heaven forbid, that some left-wing TDs have the temerity to have been born to middle-class backgrounds.

I can assure him that many supporters of the left of all classes read this newspaper, either as its de facto status as the paper of record or as a means to keep abreast of the latest fashionable delusions of the bourgeois hive-mind, of which Noel Whelan is such a stalwart proponent.

Jill Bryson,


The Irish left and fringe deputies (The Irish Times letters page)

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11 thoughts on “‘As Constant In Your Newspaper As The Angelus’

  1. RuilleBuille

    It’s a long time since the IT was regarded as the ‘paper of record’. The editorship of Kennedy put paid to that.

    1. Otis Blue

      ‘The bourgeois hive mind’ I like it.

      The writer has identified an interesting niche market upon which the IT can pin its faint hopes.

      1. Robert

        I too like this term. I also share the suspicions about how IT has targeted its market.

        Hasn’t been paper of record at the very least since 2011.

  2. me...

    Noel Whelan is well paid by the gubbermint in his day job. Why would impartiality be expected?

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Just a quick question – did Archbishop McQuaid actually die, or is he still with us? Why are we so terrified of “communists” (and by association, Socialists)? Are we afraid they might torture our Cardinals?

    1. dav

      It’s seems to be the argument of the civliwarshirts – “never mind the misery that we created since the foundation of the state, don’t let them lefties in ’cause they’ll do worse”…

    2. realPolithicks

      They’re afraid that the cosy consensus they have enjoyed for the last 100 years is coming to an end and they’re afraid, it’s as simple as that.

      1. Robert

        They’re afraid their status as “influencers” is on the wane and they’re fighting tooth and nail lest they become redundant. But lads, you’re not redundant, ye’re just “old” – retire already and make way for the less jaded.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    A quick look at Jill Bryson’s Facebook page shows a hive mind of middle class lefties.

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