How Little?


BBC News’ top salary earners

Further to the BBC pay reveal…

Conor asks:

Am I alone in thinking the salaries (above) for these world class journalists and correspondents are fairly modest compared to what Sean O’Rourke, Joe Duffy Ray D’Arcy, Miriam O’Callaghan  John Murray, Ryan Tubridy and, of course, Marian [Finucane] have been getting for years?  I thought they would be on a lot more and our lot on considerably less….

This is how BBC top stars’ pay compares to salaries at ITV and Sky (Independent)


RTÉ’s latest accounts

NamaWinelake writes:

RTE annual report 2016. Loss of €20m. RTE blames 1916 commemoration. But average pay rose 8% from €77k to €84k…There’s no detail on the €108m receipt from recent sale of Montrose. How many redundancy millionaires is RTE now creating?


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34 thoughts on “How Little?

  1. oh ffs

    Not really comparing like with like by putting Ray Darcy up against John Pienaar. Chris Evans is their Tubs and he’s on millions.

  2. Co C.

    According to the journal, RTE employs nearly 2,000 people and the wage bill was €127.5 million. So average earnings of €63,750. Sounds exceptionally high compared to your average, profit-making business, no?
    And I believe they get a subsidised canteen (open to correction)!? Maybe they need to cut costs before looking for the license hike.

  3. Fully Keen

    RTÉ player is a janky waste of money. All the digital radio stations are a waste. No need for two RTÉ channels. Waste is in their DNA. They started by copying the BBC and think they are above scrutiny. Selling land and not cutting wages or output? Mad.

    Tiny island of 5 million. Trying to compare itself with state media of an island with a population of 65 million. West Brit thinking is a funny little phrase, fits perfectly with the high minded people running RTE.

  4. Andy

    The report does note the sale of land in Montrose

    “The Board is proceeding with a strategy to
    realise some of RTÉ’s property holdings,
    including the sale of a portion of the lands
    at Donnybrook, which will release crucial
    resources for re-investment and allow a
    re-orientation of the site as part of a broader
    restructuring of RTÉ”

    Why is it not in the accounts? The land was sold in 2017, the financial report was for FY 2016.

    More tripe

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Fupp off with your reasoned rebuttal with basis and fact. That’s not what we come here for.

  5. Zaccone

    This really makes a complete mockery of the RTE defense of high salaries; “we need to pay them 250k a year or they’ll leave!”. Graham Norton is only on double what an A-list RTE star is on, and the BBC gets funding from a population 13 times our size.

    They should use this news about the relatively low BBC salaries to slash the wages of every single high profile RTE star by 50%.

    Very few of them would leave, where else are they going to go?

    1. oh ffs

      Norton gets loads for his chat show which is paid via his production company therefore not included in these figures.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        in fairness, Graham Norton has talent to match his salary. Our equivalent is Ray D’Arcy. J

    2. hex

      Zaccone – This really makes a complete mockery of the RTE defense of high salaries; “we need to pay them 250k a year or they’ll leave!”

      I seem to recall the very argument used against The Plank’s cost to RTE. And then he DID leave for a salary bump elsewhere. So they were right in at least his case.

      1. ahjayzis

        You’re saying Newstalk are paying Planky more than half a million for doing the same show with half the listeners and no TV work?

        I’ve no problem with [REDACTED] throwing money away he could have used to buy a few laws or politicians.

    3. Termagant

      Honestly I struggle to think of anyone at RTE so valuable that their leaving would be a real loss.

    4. Rugbyfan

      cut the pay. if they leave let them. see how they do elsewhere.
      Cut the RTE guide. listings are available online on your cable provider.
      Sell Donnybrook and move to a site similar to TV3. proceeds sale of property goes to the government who own the land.
      cut the digital radio, RTE 2 and some of the radio channels.

  6. Yep

    Anyone who saw Dee Forbes last night can see they are so insulated it’s embarrassing for a State funded broadcaster.

  7. bisted

    …ah here now…seriously…it has to be said…yezzer only comparing orangemen with penny apples…

  8. Shayna

    I worked for UTV in Belfast for a bit, dragging a boom camera around the studio for “The Kelly Show”. I was paid £130 per day. It may sound a lot, but trust me, it isn’t.

  9. The Bottler

    Based on our population and compared to the BBC the highest presenter in RTE should be paid around €150K per annum!

        1. Shayna

          I pay the BBC licence fee, @£35 per quarter. I made the mistake of answering my door to an inspector, then, ‘Yikes!’.

  10. Shayna

    (Also, I value the commitment of all the people who work for, or have worked for the BBC),

  11. Eamonn Clancy

    If you rally want to scream have a close look at how the Radio Drama dept uses the free taxi service and check some of the receipts.

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