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BBC Question Time.



Somebody destroy that woman, for pity’s sake.

This afternoon.

Andrew Marr quits BBC after 21 years: ‘I leave behind happy memories’ (Metro)


Last night.

Panorama on BBC1.


“Wherever animals are used for entertainment and profit corners will always be cut. Cruelty, exploitation and death are a sad reality of the horse racing industry here in Ireland and the UK.

“The industry is not glamourous, it’s not fun and it should come to an end because of the immense exploitation and cruelty involved.

“We call on kind people everywhere to tear up their betting slips and would urge progressive members of government to axe any further grants in the upcoming budget to this deadly industry.”

Animal rights campaigner John Carmody this morning.

The Dark Side of Horse Racing (BBC)

John Sudworth (left) and Yvonne Murray

This afternoon.

The BBC’s Beijing correspondent John Sudworth has left China and moved to Taiwan following pressure and threats from the Chinese authorities.

Via BBC:

He and his family were followed to the airport and into the check-in area by plainclothes police officers. His wife, Yvonne Murray, is the China correspondent for the Irish public broadcaster RTE.

Sudworth, who has won awards for his reporting on the treatment of the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang region, left Beijing with his family.

The BBC says it is proud of his reporting and he remains its China correspondent.

Meanwhile, Ms Murray said:

“Two of our children were born in China, they all speak fluent Chinese, so for them it is home and it’s particularly distressing for them facing the reality that they might never be able to go back, as long as the Chinese state is so determined to target and punish journalists for simply doing their job.

“But we will try to hold on to the memories we’ve made. China is an extraordinarily colourful, culturally rich country. Friendships we forged with Chinese people over the years can’t be taken from us.

The secret police who followed us as we left – while a sad departing memory – can’t erase all the other happy memories.”

BBC China correspondent John Sudworth moves to Taiwan after threats (BBC)

Irish reporter leaves China after rise in surveillance (RTÉ)


Last night/this afternoon.

BBC NI presenter Stephen Nolan defended his actions on Nolan Live last night which saw the irate host confront members of the public for not wearing face masks while inside a Belfast petrol station.

Via Belfast Telegraph:

The popular presenter was accused of attempting to “criminalise” people for not wearing masks, with loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson saying Mr Nolan was “punching down, trying to coerce the ‘little people’ on behalf of the powerful”.

Responding directly to the message, Mr Nolan denied criminalising people.

If people break the law, they are criminalising themselves,” he tweeted.

“And as for little people – there is none more little than a vulnerable person, helpless because they are surrounded by people who don’t give a damn about their safety.”

He added: “This is about the community protecting each other. Never will so many citizens have the power to protect life.”


The BBC backed Mr Nolan in his approach to the matter saying there was a “significant public interest” in the matter and his programme reflected differing views. It said those approached were given an opportunity to explain their actions.

Good times.

BBC’s Stephen Nolan defends confronting Belfast shoppers over face masks after Twitter backlash (Belfast Telegraph)

This afternoon.

Big Auntie deals with the dangerously feeble-minded and their much-lauded ‘critical thinking’ in traditional fashion. She has a special room for them.

My advice? If you have a relative or friend dabbling in fanciful speculation, especially around the ‘rona, try this: cut them out of your life completely and alert the authorities.

Ignorance is strength!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Laura Kuenssberg, of BBC, tweetz:

PM [Boris Johnson] putting down motion for a general election to be voted on on Monday, to take place on 12th December – No 10’s gambit is that if Labour agrees, then they will timetable Brexit bill again with time for scrutiny until 6th November when they want to dissolve Parliament.

Boris Johnson pushes for December 12 general election (ITV)

Chief Constable at the Police Service of Northern Ireland Simon Byrne

Last night.

The BBC reported:

The Chief Constable [of the PSNI] Simon Byrne has told Boris Johnson the PSNI will not police any customs checkpoints on the Northern Ireland border after Brexit.

Mr Byrne had a 30 minute video call with the prime minister last Friday.

He also told Mr Johnson he had “no plans to put police officers on any one of 300 crossings” along the border.

Brexit: PSNI ‘won’t police customs checkpoints’, says chief constable (BBC)

Pic: BBC