Last night,Damien Dempsey played the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin 2.

So how did it go?

Damo fan Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) went along.

Johnny (top, outside the Iveagh Gardens) writes:

Damien Dempsey brought his Soulsun and it did shine in the centre of the capital last night.

He carped the fupp out of the diem from the get-go with ‘Seize The Day’, and for at least another 20 songs ( I lost count because I was in the moments man) he had the capacity crowd singing all their cares away.

Everything the Donaghmede native poured from his being came from his heart mind and soul. He left it all on the stage. It was soaked up by an upbeat well-oiled collective that came from all over the island and beyond in anticipation of some spiritual fulfillment and a good ole sing song.

From a culchie viewpoint on looking at the 2 sides of Dublin it was abundantly clear that a diverse divided city never seemed so united.

The power of music, man.

Patience, sorrow, loss, heartbreak, understanding ,respect, rebellion and love evoked the emotion from the front of stage to the eyes of the onlooking public. This punter was almost carried away on a flood of thy tears.

All the classics got an airing as well as a careful selection off the latest album, ‘Soulsun’.

In a time where soundbites platitudes and fake news are the views of the mainstream it is so refreshing to see hear and feel one of Ireland’s own still shining bright with the art of story through song, while galvanising the downtrodden via the process we know best. Folk songs for the Folks!

Nothing too fancy but still keeping it reel with 6 tremendous musicians behind him. The beautiful backing vocals & harmonies of Pauline Scanlon were gorgeous.

Stand out tune was ‘Soft Rain’. A shout out to our brothers and sisters abroad akin (imo) to Oró Sé Do Bheath Abhaile. “When Ya Coming Home, My Friend ?”.

Keeping our proud tradition alive while letting ourselves and the world know that when it comes to song and true troubadours the Irish aspire and inspire greatly.

We have to look past the bullshite to see the soul in ourselves and each other. That’s what a Damien Dempsey gig essentially is all about. Last night was special though. Dublin expect and respect The Tribal Warrior.

All in all it would be fair to say, twas All Good!

Go on and love yourself today. Damo says it’s OK!


Damien Dempsey

48 thoughts on “Seize The Night

  1. Brother Barnabas

    What a brilliant, heartfelt, genuine piece of writing. Certainly the best review of a gig I’ve ever read.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Thank you Brother. I’m lost for words. Just when I thought I’d found them again. I’m not use to this. Thanks man!

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    love it
    made me wish I was there
    but at the same time got to be !

  3. Frilly Keane

    When are ya coming home ta’ help save the hay and fight the Sasanach
    Is it’s real Oró
    But anyway
    Great piece Johnny Peace

    And you made the wall of contributors on your 1st go n’all

          1. Frilly Keane

            Robbed us of our last minute
            More like
            You know that equaliser might’ve been down the Pairc

            To be fair
            I woulda thought a Division 1 side
            Recent AI finalists n’all
            Would have had an easier time of it

            Incidentally, Doubles are tough to come by

          2. Frilly Keane

            Here Brother
            That Cork side last night gave a great performance
            Way better than expected
            Fair ’nuff
            We’re outta the Championship
            But we’re not down
            We’re not complaining
            We’re delighted with the turnaround in the football set up

  4. kid jensen

    what a bleedin’ brilliant review. Damo is real and dats why working class people can relate to him.

  5. Charlie

    I’m glad Johnny wrote it coz if it was anyone else y’all would have ripped the dung out of him/her and then spat Damo into the canal.

  6. bad at memes

    Oró sé do beal a duntú (joke!)

    Nicely written. Almost like a Press Release. (joke!)

    Shout out to The Thrilly Queen.
    She knows who I’m talking about.

    1. bad at memes

      Johnny, I love you.
      you know that

      that was a nice piece of writing.
      I just wish I knew who you talking about.
      im a a Dread-headed crusty cousin of a punky-techno hybrid.

      Im a big fan in real life.

      I love you.

  7. rotide

    Jaysus, there’s a first time for everything – Couldn’t agree more with you Johnny.

    It was a truly tribal gig, loved every second of it. I was worried that outdoor damo wouldn’t be as primal as indoor damo but those fears were misplaced.

    Singing It’s all good with 2000 other people while plodding home was just the last highlight of a great night.

  8. bad at memes

    Inearly forgot…

    There will be a new album from The Fall next Friday.
    It will be called ‘New Facts Emerge’.

    If I can find it before then I’ll let you know.
    Trust me.

  9. bad at memes

    This is ridiculous…
    I try to spread LOVE.
    – Everybody goes to bed.

    I still love you, you idiots.

    Some of you…

  10. bad at memes

    I am banjaxed by yokes.
    Stop messing… at least one of you must be too.
    Talk to me.

        1. Budda@memes

          Thanks Harry, and Yep.

          Harry, our conversation will be stunted unless I pretend to be someone else. I like being in moderation so that will never happen.

          Yep, You couldn’t ever offend me, and even if you did I wouldn’t remember it..

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing really mattress mick.
          Anyone can see.

          Here’s a song to get that out of your head;

  11. bad at memes

    Im as surprised as you.
    They call it moderation, but it’s arbitrary nature bewilders me.

    I used to be innocuous but im alright now.

  12. bad at memes

    Harry, me mate…
    Where are all the sexy ladies?
    – And when I saythat I mean ‘why are none of the ladies sexy these days’?

    I know you’re probably a girl, pretending to be a bloke. It’s okay. This is the internet. I get it.
    Where are all the sexy ladies?

  13. bad at memes

    I know its probably night time, and I think im indoors, but I just stole a pair of sunglasses.
    Cheap John Lennonny.

    If you could actually see how attractive I was youd want to borrow of me.
    …just sayin’…

  14. bad at memes

    Yo, me moderation bro…

    I admire your tactics.
    From now onwards I shall post posts that màke me look ridiculous if you delete one of them.
    You just carry on doing what you always do.

    I already look stupid, and so can you.

  15. DefinitelyNotMemes

    wait a minute…
    Me phone updated itself.

    I think me posts were deleted.
    No harm done.

    Big up De Moderation Crew.
    Life Savers, both of you.
    Meanwhile, I’m keeping you in a job. Never forget.

    Invite me to your Christmas Party.
    It will be a good laugh or two. Ha, Ha….

  16. Johnny Keenan

    Ah lads!
    I am delighted that the response for a heart felt review would capture ye’re hearts too.
    Fair Play!
    Now it’s the start of a new week and as Damo would say “.Face the dawn and find out what’s going on”. I know I will, with an extra pep in my step.
    Peace & Live ( not a typo)

    Simple Faith by Damien Dempsey

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