Gavan Reilly tweetz:

RTE has published this breakdown of its salaries; says it will bring forward release of highest 10 for 2015, and will review pay by gender




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25 thoughts on “Breaking

  1. kid jensen

    I went for a job as a researcher in rte earlier this year. we had to do an aptitude test and we’re given an exam number to put on the paper as it would be ‘anonymous’ then we had to print our name beside the exam number. so much for anonymity.

    1. Zoella

      Pity they wouldn’t issue a breakdown of how many siblings are employed there. Not to mention parents and offspring. How are they going to know you’re related unless you put your name on the anonymous aptitude test. No papa jensen in Montrose, no dice.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Sur that’s just bollix
    Surely bay’ta cheezus they’ve completed their P35 for 2016 if their annual report is out

    And, their 3rd Party VAT returns are up to date
    Form 46G I think
    So that covers off paye employees and contractors

    They’re taking the kiss

  3. GiggidyGoo

    If RTE pay a person a salary, then there’s PRSI, Income Tax, USC etc. Payable. If they pay a company or a sole trader, then it’s not a salary. It’s a business transaction. Having said that, a good friend of mine was unfortunate enough to become unemployed. He was two years so, and went for the Back To Work Enterprise allowance. He did the ‘Start your own business’ course (a condition of being allowed to apply for the BTWEA).
    His industry was specialised. He found three businesses that would utilise his services. He could get an immediate start, self employed, with one of them and they agreed to pay him a low retainer of €100 per week to cover travel expenses, and an invoiced arrangement thereafter. He had two other companies set up to do the same after a few months. What was he told by the DSP.? ‘We consider this arrangement to be employment by the (first) company as you will be gaining income almost solely from that company. Basically we consider this a salaried employment. His BTWEA was rejected.
    Sorry it’s so long-winded, but for people invoicing RTE, there is no difference. They should be considered as ‘salaried’ and pay income tax, PRSI, USC, like everyone else.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Something worth mentioning there
    The average Salary
    € 57,564

    Using 37.5k as the Average Industrial Wage
    Our National – State owned Broadcaster pay circa 35% above the AIW

    Grand for some int’it
    No austerity there

    1. Zoella

      Ah but look at the quality of the content. Is Winning Streak still running? Worth the licence fee for that alone.

    2. De Kloot

      Look on the bright side, when all the boomers and x-gens are gone, all the kiddos with their periscopes and phone cameras making ‘tv happen’ will be tuppance ha’penny…. but then the telly will go the way of the vidjo…. Sure it’s just the same as packing shelves in Teseo skills wise – if we’ve learned anything from what Librarians are thought of – that is….

    1. sunsetboulevard

      What median are you talking about? The median in these figures would be somewhere in the 40K – 60K bracket.

  5. Martin

    That doesn’t include all those who decided to be contractors to RTE in order for their salaries to be kept hidden.

    1. I'm entitled to my good name; Frilly Keane

      yeah but that’s where the Third Party VAT Disclosure Forms might come in handy

      a Statutory Return recorded who they paid VAT
      in other words; who collected VAT from RTE

      can an FOI be carried out there

  6. Anthony

    Presenter should not be related to politician especially if he / she is involved in that area!
    Mad biased Miriam is sis of FF Jim O’Callaghan! She wasn’t exactly neutral, unbiased in Debates pre GE 2016!!! Or during Presidential Election Debates!

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