Termonfeckin, County Louth

Paddy Logue writes:

Help finally arrived in Termonfeckin… from the North…

Good times.

Northeast facing into fourth day without water supply (RTÉ)


This morning.

Ratoath, County Meath

Residents fill up from a water truck in a supermarket car park as arge parts of counties Meath and Louth suffered a water shortage due a burst pipe.


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    1. Charger Salmons

      Wouldn’t be the first time our neighbours have had to bail out Ireland.
      This is what happens when idiots are running a Mickey Mouse country.

    2. Casey

      They are out….. delivering water to help their neighbours.
      What are YOU doing to help ya half-wit?

  1. Anomanomanom

    If only we had a well funded amenity, something that looks after the water in Ireland, makes sure that Irish water is safe and available.

    1. Optimus Grime

      As someone who is living in the area there have been two very noticeable aspects to this story:
      1. No government official has made any comment whatsoever and there has been no presence in any shape, way or form.
      2. The media have taken a “pity poor Irish Water” stance sure don’t they need the money which grates as IW kept missing their own deadlines over the weekend and were totally inept when it came to communicating with the public

      1. Kolmo

        Probable Government response “Eh, that is a private matter between consumers and the supplier, shop around for a better deal, we have nothing to do with it”

        1. Frilly Keane

          but sur isn’t that why all these Private Gigs get created so Government can point the finger and say
          “talk to them”

      2. Owen

        Optimus Grime, are you saying the media was in support of IW, or not? I saw it as the media ripping into them (and rightly so), but interesting if others see it differed.

        The interview on 6 One was interesting last night. The head of IW, Jerry Grant, seemed fairly transparent about it all, and that we should expect more outages as the system is upgraded. The only question he waffelled past was when asked if not putting in meters and paying consultants would have allowed a bigger budget for maintenance.

        1. Optimus Grime

          Owen I think the media has been fairly light on Irish Water so far, light was shed on the developing scenario over the weekend where they kept missing their own deadlines and then failed to communicate the seriousness of the problem to the public. I found out the severity of the problem through third hand information via one of the repair crews that was on the ground. When my wife rang IW yesterday she was told an entirely different story about service interruptions than that being reported in the press. No attention was given to the warnings from engineers last year about the state of the pipes at Staleen.

      3. Andy

        What are you expecting the government to do?

        Say Fix the pipe? Because the Council & IW aren’t already trying to do that?

    2. Kolmo

      just 15% of the tax payable by Apple in Ireland according to the EU, (but not FG though), would pay for the whole new system..excellent PR coup for Apple if they did that, it’s nothing to them, the rest of us who are liable to all the taxes, duties and charges in the State would feel less put upon..that would be sound of them, and I’d even consider buying one of their fine products

      1. SB

        I think the entire amount owed by Apple would only be a start – and this “whataboutery” really does nothing to help. Replacing the infrastructure means a whole lot of “general taxation”, to be mainly paid by the PAYE workers. I think about a 99% income tax rate would be required.

      2. Paps

        You realize the tax payable by apple in Ireland would not go to the Irish government but to the EU?

    3. ahjayzis

      Absolutely. We need to throw as many suited consultants at this problem as possible. We will seal the breach in the dam with furled up reports and John Tierney’s payslips!

  2. Frilly Keane

    I know in the National Grid when they trade with the Nordies
    the transactions are between
    Paddy Power
    Orange Juice

  3. Truth in the News

    How come there are no spares in stock,…..its past time that Irish Water was abolished.
    The Local Authorities as bad as they were would have effected a repair ages ago, how
    much of the pipe ruptured or cracked, it also seems odd that the damaged section could
    not be bypassed with temporary connections with firehoses

      1. Andy

        Copying and pasting his content from another document?

        When I copy text from a PDF into word there’s no formatting brought with it.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      you think a high pressure pipe which deals with enough water to satisfy a population as large as Drogheda can be bypassed with some firehoses?

      1. Cian

        yes. you just need to tell the hoses (a) you are a freeman and (b) water is a universal right.

  4. dav

    Paul Williams was on this morning shilling for irish water and wanting it privatised, no doubt by redacted..

  5. Junkface

    Lets keep the recovery going! So Ireland has:

    1. Record numbers of homeless families and the worst Housing crisis in years.
    2. A banjaxed health service were women in particular seem to be the victims of cost cutting and surgical incompetence and are actually dying. Add children with special needs to that.
    3. A national water infrastructure that has begun to crumble and could lead to a complete catastrophe because of generations of negligent governing by Irish politicians.

    …Ireland has never been properly governed, it is in a constant state of crisis management while the Political class line their pockets for themselves and their friends, and purposely avoiding any difficult / unpopular decisions which may sustain the country’s progress for the future. A total Clusterf***!

    The Irish people deserve a lot better.

    1. bisted

      …do you think if there was room in the cab they could send down a few of the people from the Housing Executive and the National Health Service…

      1. Frilly Keane

        not so sure about their NHS but gimme their Housing Exec any day over our Housing Authority

    2. Cian

      Looking at point 3, its a real shame that the government did nothing about the water problems before now.
      Leaving the water with the local authorities and starving it of money really was bad.
      Pity they didn’t create a single entity to manage all of Irish water, and create a new model of funding so that that entity could asses the country as a whole, prioritise main water that need upgrading, and plan multiple years in advance. They could have funded this from the end users.
      a real shame.

      1. Rob_G

        I think you are on to something, Cian.

        We could call it “Irish… Hydrological services” or something

  6. scottser

    ye are all aware that the nordies control waterways ireland, yeh? it’s been a DUP quango since the good friday agreement. was it for this? our begging bowls out to the order for a sup of our own wather back?

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