Once More With Feeling


Free Friday?

Want to celebrate ten years of Once?

Kate Sculthorpe writes:

Happenings in association with 7UP Free® Presents: Summer Cinema will host a special screening of the Irish musical ‘Once’ in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2  this Friday, July 28 and we would love to offer you FIVE pairs of tickets to Broadsheet readers.

Before the movie kicks off, guests can settle in to comfy billow bags with a complimentary 7UP Mojito Free in the beautiful surroundings of Fitzwilliam Square, perfectly capturing the taste and feeling of summer – #SummerYourWay.

Broadsheet readers can find out more information on the 7UP Free and Happenings social channels listed below.

To enter, please outline a brief plot outline for a prospective sequel to Once.

Just complete this sentence.

‘The plot for ‘Once 2′ will involve___________________________’

Lines MUST close at MIDDAY tomorrow.

Zombies are allowed.

Happenings (Facebook)

7UP Ireland

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21 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling

  1. Joxer

    The plot for Once 2 will involve Glen Hansard character ‘Hoover Fixing Guy’ building a Robot who fights crime and busks on the side …RoboBusker will be epic….

      1. Joxer

        jaysus Clampers….i just looked that up and i am scarred…. thats not what i had in mind at all, at all….. :)

  2. Sue Butler

    The plot thickens when one dark winter night screams are heard coming from the sitting room that housed the piano that love & friendship had grown from,only to find that the piano had given birth to ………..a “Baby Piano ”

  3. Yep

    The plot for Once 2 will involve a part time musician making ends meet by erecting fences at a direct provision centre who falls in love with a young woman from Nigeria with 2 kids.

    The love blossoms and they record an EP which they can’t tour because it’s considered “earnings”. The EP is leaked online and draws attention to the situation the new family are living with.

    3rd act is essentially that Paul Simon Graceland concert in the RDS.

  4. Nigel

    The sequel for Once 2 will involve the reunion of a boy band in an Irish venue. They’ll call it Once 2: 3 for 5ive.

  5. Rob

    Why do Happenings need to have a sponsor like 7up on board? Are they not getting free use of the park and are already charging people in? What’s the need then for a sponsor?

    1. realPolithicks

      Because in Once2, Glen Hansard will be an older (but wiser) event promoter who needs to maximize his take from each event as he is taking care of his da who’s in a very expensive nursing home and his czech ex-girlfriend who has a paternity suit against him…the whole London thing didn’t work out BTW….

      1. Yep

        Oh I like that one…but the kid is a teen now and “dating” someone in direct provision. We need a racial element and a female director/writer/producer for this to run.

        Fitzcarraldo hits 25 in 3 years so we need a solid pitch in 8 months at the latest. Dyson shares are dipping so we are looking at the guts of funding if we can play on the hoover humour but can show how superior that machine is within its market.

        1. realPolithicks

          I hear what you’re saying but if you want to break the American market you’ll need to go for the “vacuum cleaner” humor.

  6. symbolic@memes

    For a start it should be called ‘Twice’.
    It should be nearly exactly the same as ‘Once’ except this time there’s two struggling musicians, (A duo), and they get off with two twins or something.

    That’s all I have so far.

    1. Papi

      You have no reggae link on your name!!!!!! What the emelmeehhh?? Do you think I just swan about in comments?

  7. Rob

    All joking aside why does Happenings need a corporate sponsor like 7 up?

    Does it mean cheaper entrance tickets to the event – perhaps Peter O Brien the organiser could explain this to us?

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    ‘The plot for ‘Once 2′ will involve Guy buying a speaker and getting plugged in.
    The full title is Once 2: Electric Boogaloo

  9. Mourinho

    The plot for ‘Once 2′ will involve the same repetitive dull rehash of a song all the way through, and a big marketing push, a music video, some short clips to go viral, and fawning from local press talking about the awards season.

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