Socket To Them


This afternoon.

Maxol Petrol Station, Mespil Road, Dublin 4

The launch of the Green Party’s Electric Vehicles (EV) Campaign and drivers’ survey which found  that 38% of them are “concerned about the lack of charging points”.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said:

“It’s up to the Government to provide charging points so that issue of range anxiety becomes a thing of the past,”

Mr Ryan added that “incentives for diesel cars” should also be scrapped “making the excise duty on diesel equal to that on petrol”.


Above From left:  Green Party Councillor Ciarán Cuffe – chair of Dublin City Council’s Transport Committee, electric car owner Michael Sherlock and unnamed pet and Eamon Ryan




17 thoughts on “Socket To Them

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Yeah, great Eamonn – how to sabotage electric vehicles from the word go – whilst pretending to champion them. These vehicles (of which I approve) had ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of catching on in the absence of ample charging points for them. The Government knew it, YOU knew it, but ‘de optics’ were taken care of and that is all that mattered. Interestingly, the second wave may indeed have a chance – since the Government (and the Greens) will now try to obfuscate their championing of diesel fuel – and all the harm it has caused – by espousing electric cars, and offering motor tax advantages!!! Some day I’ll have a talk to you about (1) soundbites, (2) meaningful action and (3) unintended consequences, which might have been forseen. Kind Regards, Sheik Yahbout

  2. Andrew

    ‘Eamon Ryan telling RTÉ Motors that the decision to promote diesel cars with tax breaks in 2008 – by the government of which he was a member – was not the correct one.’
    You don’t say Eamonn!

    ‘He said he and others at European level had been given assurances by the car industry that it could solve the emissions problem and that was not the case.’

    “Looking back, it was not the right solution because the car industry could not solve the problem”, he said.

    ‘Since 2008, up to 70% of cars sold in Ireland have been diesels as a result of tax advantages. The move was promoted by the Green Party because of concerns about CO2 emissions from petrol cars. Mr Ryan was Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. ‘

    Not to worry Eamonn, you got re-elected and that’s the main thing. People forgot as they so often do.

      1. Yep

        Which part? Life or price. I heard the exact same as 99. Not to say it’s true just curious.

        1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

          The dogs on the street would have known this at the time.

  3. Truth in the News

    If electric cars are being promoted by the Green Party, wheres the power going to come from
    across the water from nuclear power plants, if its from wind, whats happens if its stops blowing
    and you run out of a charge at the Red Cow Round About, get the mutt to tow you.
    The Green Party and Ryan in particular should be ashamed of themselves on their performance
    the night of the Bank Bail Out…..they have some neck… about fake news, what about fake

    1. DavidT

      Sign up for Airtricity, they’re trying to get – and sometimes succeed – 100% renewable energy.

      And yes, the Greens got co-opted by FF but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong on everything.

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